Oyster recycling for Moreton Bay

Moreton Bays’ Pumice Stone Passage is getting a new lease on life with the introduction of an oyster recycling station.

The program, headed by Dr Ben Diggles is designed to use clean oyster shells to restore and rebuild the shellfish reef on the passage. Diggles says that recycling oysters is a practical and productive way to protect shellfish reefs while combating the increasing numbers of jellyfish and algae in the bay.

The station is a replica of the traditional Indigenous midden practice used in the area and so will be a good fit for the eco system.

Local restaurants have already offered their used oyster shells and the program is scheduled to begin in April.


Kindy report cards sent to schools

End of year statements for kindergarten students will be sent directly to Prep teachers under new changes.

The statements have information about the students, covering areas such as the child’s ability to interact with others, act independently, and communicate effectively.

The decision to send the statements directly to schools comes in response to rising numbers of prep school suspensions in recent years, prompting fears that some children are entering school before they are ready.


Home Ownership Declining for Three Decades

For the past three decades, the number of Australian homeowners has been declining and it may take just as long to reverse the declining figures.

The Grattan Institute studied census data and discovered a fall in homeownership among those aged under 55. The data has driven warnings that many young Australians are set to be “permanent renters”.

A fellow at the Grattan Institute, Brendan Coates explains that it is those who are already in the market are to blame for the rise of the housing market, making it more difficult for those attempting to get a foot in the door.

Mr. Coates believes the key to reversing this figure is an increase in medium-density development in metropolitan areas including townhouses rather than apartment buildings.


No heritage-list for Indigenous land

The Northern Territory Minister for culture has declined a recommendation to heritage list a region of Indigenous land close to Darwin.

Minister Lauren Moss believes the current regulations, signed in 1979 and granted to the Gwalwa Daraniki Association are sufficient to protect the area.

She stated that while she could not guarantee that her government wouldn’t rezone the area, she said she hadn’t met with any interested developers.

Despite this, interested parties continue to push for a heritage listing to the valuable area.


Turkish President Supports Death Penalty

The Turkish president is not backing down from his move against perpetrators of last years coup against him.

The crackdown has now been broadened to include human rights activists, dissidents and journalists and comes in conjunction with Erdogan approving a proposal for the introduction of the death penalty in Turkey.

While the coup was defeated and Erdogan is serving his second term, the country continues to live in uncertainty in the shadow of the failed attempt.


American woman turns wedding into a feast for the homeless.

An american woman turns her cancelled wedding into a feast for the homeless

Sarah Cummins fiancé called off their wedding a week in advance, leaving a non-refundable dinner party for 170 guests

Rather than letting the money go to waste, she contacted the nearby homeless shelter sand  invited them for a feast.

Several local businesses and residents donated suits, dresses and other items for the guests to wear.