Five Killed in Kenya and More Zedlines...

At least five people have been killed in post-election violence after opposition claims Kenya’s polls were hacked in favour of the president. (image source: Vimeo)

Two people were shot dead by police in the capital Nairobi with at least one more shot dead in the South Mugirango during a clash with security forces.

In South-Eastern Tana River region, police have shot dead two of five men who stabbed another to death and are still in search of the others who escaped.


Harvesting Lizard Venom to Save Human Lives

A Queensland researcher is travelling the world in search of the rare komodo dragon so that he can milk the venom from the creature to test whether or not it has the potential to treat some of the most common fatal conditions affecting humans.

University of Queensland Associate Professor, Bryan Fry says the discovery of lizard venom could cure common health issues; and further added that blood clots are a huge public health concern, ranging from deep vein thrombosis to strokes and certain types of heart attacks.

The team of experts, including Professor Fry discovered the venom worked as a type of blood thinner, preventing clots from forming and helping them to break down.



Brisbanes CityCycle scheme gains momentum

Having a rocky start since it began seven years ago, the future of Brisbane’s CityCycle scheme now looks more viable as usage numbers have climbed by seventy percent (70%) over the past two years and is expected to hit two million trips soon.

Public and active transport chairman, Adrian Schrinner says CityCycle has helped Brisbane to burn 150 million calories, travel around the globe 187 times, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1.44 million kilograms in their two million trips.

In 2015, CityCycle celebrated its one millionth trip but at cost of 8 million dollars to ratepayers.



Senator Hanson pushes for High Court case

One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts’ political career hangs in the balance after Pauline Hanson averted a potentially embarrassing defeat in the Senate by personally referring his “complex” dual citizenship case to the High Court.

This comes after Senator Hanson for weeks insisted that Malcolm Roberts had properly renounced his British citizenship before the last election.

Senator Hanson moved the senate motion after it became clear a greens-led push against him would succeed.


NSW Doctor found guilty of professional misconduct

A NSW doctor has been found guilty and reprimanded for unsatisfactory professional conduct after prescribing addictive opioids and other pharmaceuticals to thirteen patients.

Dr Angelo Manuel Arreza prescribed drugs in dosages that were too high and too frequent however, due to his “previously unblemished” record, Dr Arreza has been allowed to keep practising under supervision.

NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal says they decided against suspending or cancelling his registration because he was unlikely to ever be guilty of professional misconduct again.



A Ship Kills a Humpback Whale

A humpback whale has been killed by a Grand Princess Cruise ship after it got caught in the ship’s bulbous bow located at the front of the ship.

It wasn’t until the ship pulled into an Alaskan port during its ten day round-trip cruise that crew members discovered the whale’s carcass.

Princess Cruises spokesman Brian O'Connor says the company is very saddened by the death of the whale and that the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration is investigating the incident.