Doctors concerned Australian’s are popping too many pills and more zedlines

New data which shows more than two million Australians are taking too many painkillers with doctors warning of the harmful consequences. Picture source: Pexels.

The research, by NPS Medicinewise, found 9 percent of people are consuming ibuprofen-codeine tablets and 6 percent of those taking paracetamol-codeine tablets are exceeding the recommended maximum daily dosage.

CEO of NPS Medicinewise Lynne Weekes said taking higher doses of painkillers without doctor supervision puts someone at higher risk of conditions such as gastric bleeds, bad indigestions and stomach ulcers.  

Ipswich Council earning LGAQ millions through secretive call centre

Ipswich Council staff are allegedly running a secretive call centre, earning the Local Government Association of Queensland millions of dollars.

Ipswich ratepayers have been paying the wages of 60 staff for ten years to answer the phones of other councils in the 10 million dollar a year commercial venture.  

Set up by former mayor Paul Pisasale, the venture between council-owned company Ipswich City Enterprises Investments and companies owned by the LGAQ, has generated more than 40 million dollars in revenue over the past five years.

However, it’s unknown where the council’s share of the profit actually goes as the company holding its stake publishes no financial information.

Researchers unlock cheesemaking secret

Researchers from the University of Queensland have uncovered new information on the inner workings of a bacterium predicted to have widely positive impacts on Australia’s billion dollar cheese industry.

University of Queensland School of Agriculture and Food Sciences researcher Associate Professor Mark Turner said the discovery explains the regulation of an enzyme in the bacterium Lactococcus, (lacto-cochus) which is used as a starter culture in cheese production

This latest discovery is expected to provide new insights into this industrially important food bacterium.

The molecule is essential for growth in a wide range of bacteria, including many human pathogens, and researchers are only in the early stages of understanding how it controls important processes in bacteria.

Unemployment rate down says ABS

Australia’s unemployment rate has dropped to 5.6 percent after the creation of almost 28 thousand jobs last month.

A report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows more people are working or looking for work, with most job-seekers finding part-time employment.

All jobs created last month were part-time positions, while more than twenty thousand full-time jobs were lost.

But there are good signs, with full-time employment increasing by two hundred and twenty thousand people since September 2016. 

13 killed in Barcelona van attack

At least 13 people have been confirmed dead and 80 injured in a suspected Islamic State attack in Barcelona.

The Spanish media have reported the van careened down popular tourist spot Las Ramblas avenue, ploughing into pedestrians.

Two men have been arrested following the incident, which is currently being treated as a terrorist attack.

This is the latest in a series of vehicle attacks across Europe in the past year.

Venezuela's Socialist-run 'truth commission' to investigate opposition

Investigations into Venezuela's October gubernatorial elections are set to be launched in an attempt to ensure opposition candidates were not involved in violent political protests earlier this year.

The head of a new pro-government truth commission have stated the panel was set by the constituent assembly elected last month at the behest of Venezuela's President, Nicolas Maduro.

The commission is already attracting criticism from government critics who claim the commission is designed to sideline opposition parties and bolster the ruling party's flagging support ahead of the October vote.

The commission has been introduced after more than 120 people have died in the past four months in protests against Maduro’s handling of an economy beset by triple-digit inflation and acute food shortages.