First time mothers hesitant about vaccinations and more zedlines...

A recent survey shows many first time mothers are concerned about vaccinating their children.

Close to 1,000 mothers were surveyed throughout Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia.

A doctor from the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute said the survey’s responses indicate the importance of and the need for education regarding immunisations.

South-east Queensland losing funding to the north

According to the Queensland Economy Watch, an analysis of the state's 2017/2018 budget shows south-east regions are being underfunded, Brisbane Times reports.

Economist Gene Tunny found the spending gap between north and south-east to be ‘excessive’, with East Brisbane, Moreton Bay, and Logan to be receiving the least funding and ‘well below the state average’.

It has been noted some of the funding is due to damage from Cyclone Debbie in April this year.

Anglican Church offers apology to victims of domestic violence

The Anglican Church of Australia has apologised to victims of domestic violence, who said they were let down by the Church.

The apology marks the first step in reconciliation, with the Church also planning to examine the extent of family violence in Anglican communities.

The apology has also prompted Anglican dioceses across Australia to ensure they have good-practice guidelines in place for victims of domestic violence.

Walking Melbourne to Canberra for homelessness

Salvation Army Major, Brendan Nottle has begun his 700 km walk from Melbourne to Canberra to help the homeless

Major Nottle will then talk with the Federal Government to help reduce the problem of homelessness.

The walk will raise $200,000 and take 40 days to complete.

Myanmar leader tries to protect all citizens in Rakhine state

Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi said the government is trying to protect citizens in the strife-torn state of Rakhine, as an estimated number of Rohingya Muslims who fled to Bangladesh increased to 164,000.

Myanmar states its forces are battling a legitimate campaign against terrorists responsible for a string of attacks on the police and army since last October.

Ms Suu Kyi said their resources are not complete and adequate, but they will do their best to ensure everyone is entitled to protection rights under the law.

America’s only underground nuclear waste dump out of space

The only underground nuclear waste repository in the U.S is running out of room, and will reach capacity within a decade.

The waste plant does not have enough space to hold radioactive tools and other materials leftover from bomb making research.

The director of the nuclear waste safety program said two other disposal vaults will be introduced to accommodate the amount of waste.