Thousands flood Brisbane streets to march for same-sex marriage

Brisbane’s CBD was filled with thousands of people over the weekend to march for same-sex marriage.

Streets were closed as the city centre was flooded with rainbow flags and passionate citizens urging people to vote ‘YES’ on the upcoming postal poll.

The High Court recently threw out the case to stop the plebiscite and Australian households will begin receiving surveys this week with a result expected in mid-November.

Queenslanders are warned to prepare for dangerous bushfire season

Authorities are warning Queenslanders to prepare for an “above normal” bushfire season, with very dry conditions and rising temperatures across the state.

Three specialist bushfire-fighting aircraft have been contracted by Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, and are now ready at Archerfield Airport for rapid response to bushfires.

Acting Commissioner for Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Mike Wassing urges residents to ensure that their bushfire survival plan is up-to-date, and to make sure everyone in the household knows what to do in the situation of a bushfire.

Dementia expert challenges Australians to forget about “memory loss”

In a speaking tour for Alzheimer's Australia, a US dementia expert is challenging Australian health professionals and the public to stop using the phrase “memory loss” to define the experience of people with dementia.

Steven Sabat, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Georgetown University, says supporting someone’s self-respect is more important than their ability to recall details, such as the date or what they had for breakfast.

Professor Sabat says it is important to remember that people with dementia are still able to make new memories and learn new things.

He says the way we treat people with dementia is important in empowering their abilities to remain involved in everyday life.

Nationals vote against banning the burka

The National Party has voted against banning the burqa at their annual conference in Canberra over the weekend.

The motion, which was raised by Nationals member George Christensen, was narrowly defeated by 55 votes to 51.

Christensen, who has campaigned publicly for a ban of the Muslim garment for many years, says he will continue to advocate for the policy, citing reasons of security and safety.

The Federal Government has also made it clear that they will not be implementing a burqa ban following Pauline Hanson’s stunt in the Senate last month.

Freeze on forced repatriations of Afghan Refugees in Pakistan.

Pakistani Government officials have put a freeze on forced repatriations of Afghan refugees living in Pakistan.

Earlier this year the United Nations estimated that 2.5 million Afghans are living in Pakistan, either undocumented or as registered refugees.

Due to increasing global pressure against the repatriations, Pakistani Government has initiated a scheme to register Afghan refugees legally.

Under the new scheme, Afghan refugees will receive Afghan citizen cards which will provide them with legal protection against historically common arbitrary arrests and deportation under Pakistan's Foreigners Act.

Businesses from Europe and Asia are funding North Korean regime

North Korea’s business interests in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East are bringing in billions of dollars a year in funding for Kim Jong-un’s regime, despite the international sanctions placed on trade with the country.

Media has discovered that a mysterious government department known only as Office 39 is actually a slush fund in disguise designed to fund the lavish lifestyles of Kim Jong-un and other North Korean elites.

Defence analyst Andrea Berger says that North Korea is very sophisticated in concealing the fact that it is still participating in international trade despite the current sanctions.