The University of Queensland to Ban Smoking on Campus and more Zedlines...

Queensland’s largest university will become a smoke-free zone as of July 1, 2018 (Image source: Public Domain Pictures)

Announced yesterday, The University of Queensland sates their campuses will adopt the policy after consulting with the state government and health experts.

Director of occupational health and safety at UQ, Tim Carmichael, says the smoking ban reflects evolving societal norms.



Taco Bell heads to down under

Mexican-style american fast food giant Taco Bell is set to open its doors in Brisbane.

An advertisement for job opportunities with the restaurant confirms rumors the chain is returning that have been circling since hinted by former Taco Bell boss Greg Creed in an interview with the Courier Mail in 2014.

The restaurant will open in place of the recently closed Sizzler restaurant on Ipswich Road, Annerley.



Maratus Sapphirus; New species of spider named in Australia

A new species of spider found in Australia has been named Maratus Sapphirus.

The species was discovered by citizen scientist Helen Ranson, part of a group known as Bioblitz, during an expedition to Murrah Flora Reserve on the New South Wales South Coast late last year.

Leader of the BioBlitz group, Stuart Harris, says the chances of finding a new species as a citizen scientist are slim and the discovery has been significant.



Australians warned against posting pictures of their SSM survey forms online

Australians have been warned not to post pictures online that reveal the unique barcode on their same-sex marriage survey forms.

The barcode, which appears in the bottom right corner of the survey form, is used to link a specific form to an eligible voting Australian. The Australian Bureau of Statistics have raised concerns of sharing pictures of the barcode online could jeopardise individual results.

Australia Post is sending out six hundred thousand survey forms per day in the coming weeks to reach more than sixteen million people on the electoral roll.



Aussies caught up at US border as visa crackdown looms

Since Donald Trump has become president more Australian tourists are getting stopped at the US border, and some Australians could be denied from working in the US completely after a proposed ‘shake up’ of the visa system.

While the rules of entry have not yet changed, US immigration officials appear to be more likely to follow the rules to the letter under Mr Trump.

Small infractions on a person’s record, that may have been overlooked in the past, is now enough to see a visa be denied.

Additionally as the J-1 visa program is being reviewed this might mean foreigners could be barred from winning visas as summer camp counsellors, tourist workers, live-in childcare workers, interns and trainees.



Eight People Killed in Nursing Home in Florida

Eight elderly residents at a Florida nursing home have died due to loss of power in the facility from Hurricane Irma, increasing the death toll to eighty-one.

More than one hundred patients have now been evacuated from the nursing home.

Authorities say the number of deaths from Cyclone Irma may still increase due to power outage across and many homes left uninhabitable.

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