Rally at Queensland Labor Headquarters and more Zedlines

Citizens will hold a picnic and rally at Queensland Labor Headquarters today, to demand Labor sack Adani lobbyist Cameron Milner from their re-election campaign. (image credit: flickr)

Jonathan Sri, Anne Gardiner, Michael Crook are scheduled to speak at the event in South Brisbane.

The organisers hope that the event will make Labor listen to the 75% of people who do not  want a billion dollars of public funds being gambled on Adani.

Ipswich has new deputy mayor and vows for tough conflict of interest laws

Former Queensland Labor MP Wanye Wendt is set to take over from former deputy mayor Paul Tully. Mr Tully stepped aside from his role after handing over his resignation early last month.

Mayor Andrew Antoniolli was elected Mayor in August, after former Mayor Paul Pisasale was charged with a range of offences including extortion.

Mayor Antoniolli has introduced a new 19 point plan, after a major governance review, including a new code of conduct for councillors, open publication of councillors register of interest, committee reports and policies and rules around recording conflicts of interest.

Postal Survey on track

The ABS confirms the current roll-out of the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey is on schedule and projecting survey material to all eligible Australians will be delivered by September 25th.

In a statement released yesterday, ABS statistician, Jonathan Palmer is encouraging those who are still waiting for their vote should wait until the 25th of September before requesting a new survey.

If you have moved home, a damaged form you are encouraged to request a replacement survey, it is also important to remember- to have your say send the survey back, straight away.

Coal to remain backbone of electricity production for decades to come

Until the year 2040, nuclear power, gas and renewable energy will be the fastest growing energy forms, but fossil fuels, led by coal, will remain the backbone of electricity production.

EIA’s latest outlook report says countries will continue to take advantage of coal’s low cost to help develop their economies.

In 2040, Australia and indonesia will remain the largest exporters and Asia. By that stage, fossil fuels will still account for three-quarters of the world energy consumption.

New Settlements for Rohingyas

Bangladesh is planning to build new settlements for the 400,000 Rohingyas that have fled there from Myanmar in the last 3 weeks.

14, 000 settlements will be built over 2000 acres of land in the Cox’s Bazaar district.

Non-governmental organisations, international aid organisation and the military will help build these settlements over the next 10 days.  

German right-wing populist ramp up attacks against immigration

A German right-wing populist party is ramping up attacks against immigration and Islam in the home stretch of election campaigning as their poll figures grow.

The AfD is the first far-right party set to enter Germany’s parliament for more than half a century, among some of the proposal they are putting forward include a ban on headscarves for teachers and students, a ban on public calls to prayer from mosques and for imams to lead prayers only in German.

The Alternative for Germany Party argue Muslim religion does not belong in Germany, with leading AfD candidate Alexander Gauland claiming its political doctrine is not compatible with a free country.

It is going to a fine day today getting up to a top of of 27 degrees, it is currently 17 degrees here in Brisbane’s heartland, Fortitude Valley.


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