Queensland workplace injuries up from last year’s figures and more Zedlines...

Reports have confirmed more than 66,000 Queenslanders were injured on the job last financial year, equating to $800 million in statutory claims, an increase on the 65,302 injuries last year. (Image credit: Flickr)

The most common type of injury was musculoskeletal injuries and diseases, which made up half of the claims, other common injuries included wounds, lacerations, amputations, internal organ damage and fractures.

The manufacturing industry had the greatest proportion of injuries accounting for 16.4 per cent of accepted claims, followed by social assistance at 14.1 per cent and construction at 13.4 per cent.


Bundaberg hit rainfall record amid storm surge

Bundaberg was hit hard by severe weather which has damaged much of the Queensland coast, with residents experiencing power outages, flooding and intense rainfall.

Bundaberg received up to 339 millimeters of rain in 24 hours, hitting the Bundaberg all time rainfall record for October.

3000 properties were without power following the storm, emergency services responded to more than 90 calls for help by the early evening.


Toyota employees put out of work as Melbourne plant closes

Today will see Toyota cease production at their Altona plant in Melbourne west, leaving thousands without jobs.

Earlier this year, the president of Toyota promised support for employees following the closure, with no support from the federal government in place.

Holden are due to cease production at their Adelaide North plant later this month.


Former Queensland MP’s claim taxpayer funded flights

Former Queensland MP’s are claiming almost $300,000 in taxpayer funded flights including Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s father- a former MP.

Former MPs who are elected on three separate occasions and serve a minimum of seven years are entitled to one return flight each financial year from Queensland, this also includes their spouses.

However, these entitlements are set to end by December 2018 with a new ruling made by the Queensland Independent Remuneration Tribunal.

Last financial year 70 former MP’s or family members claimed $292,743 in total.


Fake meningitis vaccines found again in Niger

Recent news of yet another batch of fake meningitis vaccines has been discovered in Niger, which is now being linked to a particularly dangerous criminal racket.

According to the Guardian, as many as 1,500 cases have so far been reported to the World Health Organisation, with reports claiming many of the vials are filled with dirty water and occasionally containing a small amount of antibiotics so it does not infect the puncture point.

This has been on ongoing problem for many African countries, with 80 babies dying in Nigeria back in 2008 after taking a teething syrup which contained anti-freeze ingredients.


Protesters call for democracy in Hong Kong across Chinese National Day celebrations

Over 40,000 people took advantage of Chinese National Day celebrations to call for democracy in Hong Kong over the weekend.

Demonstrators called for more democracy and an end to the current political persecution the country faces.

Protest organisers say the 40,000 marched through heavy rainfall to defy the day of celebration.