Cyclists push for new road rules and more zedlines...

Cyclists have urged council members to make changes to the Goodwill Bridge, after many found they were skidding across and had little traction due to wet surface conditions. Image from Pixabay.

The Goodwill Bridge path was recently upgraded with new signage and a higher speed limit for cyclists, as well as a blue path in the middle.

The placement of the blue path was an incentive to encourage pedestrians to walk on the left and right-hand side of the bridge and leave the centre for cyclists.

But cyclists have said it's not enough, with the continuous rain causing many cyclists to lose traction on the Goodwill Bridge.

Technology to give voters a voice

A minor political party in Queensland has promised voters a greater say if they get elected, by way of a new app.

The Flux Party Queensland said they plan to use the app to allow Queenslanders to vote on every bill in Parliament, with MPs then casting their votes based on their electorate's result.

They say the app would give Queenslanders the chance to voice their opinions on more than just the state and federal elections.

The Australian Dollar Plunges

The US dollar dropped in 2017, but it seems a reverse trend will occur in the coming months as inflationary pressures begin to rise in the world’s economy.

The turning trend in what has been called the “big dollar”, combined with deteriorating Australian terms of trade will see the Australian dollar lower by around 3-5 per cent over the next six months.

The Australian dollar rose above US81 cents, three weeks ago, but then dropped around US 3 cents and it now is trading at about US 78.2 cents.

It has been estimated the Australian dollar will drop by a further 4 US cents.

Almost half of Australian voters yet to have their say

More than 40% of Australians are yet to have their say in the same-sex marriage plebiscite.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics said it has received 9.2 million of the 16 million survey forms that were issued, as both sides of the debate urge people to make their vote count.

The ABS said all forms should be posted by October 27 to ensure they’re back by the final cut-off date, November 7.

World-first flu vaccine to be tested

Oxford researchers are set to test a seasonal flu vaccine that would be the first in the world to fight all types of the virus.

The virus works by attaching itself to the more stable proteins found at the core of the virus, as opposed to those found on the surface which can change constantly.

Researchers said they hope the new vaccine will provide more effective and longer-lasting protection than current vaccinations, which have to be changed each year to match circulating strains.

The clinical trials will run over the course of two years and involve more than 2,000 patients.

Nobel physics prize awarded to three US Scientists

The 2017 Nobel Physics Prize has been awarded to three scientists, after decades of searching for gravitational waves.

In a feat that Albert Einstein thought was impossible for human technology to detect, the ripples are only a fraction of an atom and extremely faint waves in the fabric of space and time.

Winners Rainer Wiess, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and California Institute of Technology's Barry Barish and Kip Thorne, were awarded the equivalent to 2.8 million between them.