Sydney’s Children's Hospital uses emoji board to communicate with patients

Sydney Children’s hospital in Ranwick are using an emoji board for teen patients to communicate with doctors and nurses (Image:Wikimedia).

When they’re feeling sick and don’t know how to explain it in words this board is a tool welcomed by both patients and medical staff to engage in open conversations.

The collaborative project was spearheaded by clinical nurse educator Maria Brien and trialled on her regular patients.

Brien says, "I don't think it has cut out any verbal dialogue, if anything it has enhanced the conversations [and] relationship with our patients."

 House Hunters turn to Brisbane Market

Research has shown house hunters are avoiding the Sydney and Melbourne housing market and turning to the Brisbane market instead.

Sydney and Melbourne’s excess housing prices are making the Brisbane housing market attractive as a result of recent migration growth and job improvements according to property data group CoreLogic.

Queensland’s unemployment rate has fallen from 6.5 per cent in June to an 18 month low of 5.7 per cent in August, according to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Bundaberg receives staggering rainfall

Bundaberg has received record-breaking rainfall on the wide-bay region on Monday and Queenslanders are being urged to prepare for storm season.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Julian De Morton says isolated storms and showers will continue through Wednesday and ease on Thursday, but Bundaberg residents are being urged to stay off the roads while the cleanup continues.

South Queenslanders are preparing for the storm cell to travel down towards Gympie and the Sunshine Coast.
Lack of housing proves issue for domestic violence victims with disabilities

Disability advocates and domestic violence service providers in Tasmania say a lack of appropriate housing remains a critical issue.

Although there has been progress made since the Tasmanian Government announced its landmark Family Violence Action Plan in 2015, service providers are saying more funding is needed.

Advocate Jane Wardlaw says many women with disabilities in the northern part of the state face increasing problems when fleeing family violence.

She says they’ve been working with many young women who are experiencing domestic violence and it’s fundamental for them to have comfortable accommodation which has easy access.

Ethnic cleansing continues in Myanmar

Allegations have emerged of refugees being attacked with landmines as they flee Myanmar.

Those caught in the blasts say the mines were planted along their route to Bangladesh and across the border, killing and injuring the Rohingya refugees.

The landmines are just the latest in what the United Nations has labelled “ethnic cleansing” in Myanmar.

Read warnings before booking travel to Bali  

A volcanologist in the US is urging tourists heading to Bali to do their research and make sure they’re prepared, as the wait for volatile Mount Agung to erupt continues.

Dr Janine Krippner says tourists should listen to official sources for updates, know what the hazards are and take supplies such as masks, goggles, water, food and torches with batteries.

Dr Krippner says they have not yet been able to determine if or when the volcano will erupt.

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