UNSW Law Students offering other students thousands for class places and more Zedlines...

Students are offering other students up to ten thousand dollars for a place in post-graduate law classes at the University of New South Wales. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Due to courses frequently filling up within a minute on a first-come, first-served basis, students have taken to social media posting monetary offers for places they missed out on.

A spokeswoman for UNSW says the university does not condone the offering for sale or requesting to purchase enrolment places, with a subsequent investigation into incidences to follow.


Logan mayor urged to stand aside by fellow councillor amid ongoing CCC probe

A Logan City councillor wants Mayor Luke Smith to step down in the wake of the Crime and Corruption Commission’s operation Belcarra report examining the 2016 local government elections.

The Report found that Cr Smith’s election fund Logan Futures, established before the last year’s election submitted an incomplete donation disclosure return that contained a number of errors, with some being labeled as significant.

Councillor Darren Poer says Councilor Smith should stand down while the investigation continues.


Thrillseekers Warned to Stop Dam-Surfing Claire Hall Dam

Warnings have been issued by the Tweed Shire Council to locals using the Claire Hall Dam as a waterslide, after videos of young people sliding down the concrete spillway have been viewed by millions on social media.

Tweed Shire Council manager of water Anthony Burnham said at the end of the dam is an energy dissipating device, similar to a large flip bucket, therefore those that slide down the dam can be held underwater in it and be at risk of drowning.

Mr Burnham said council may have to consider closing down the dam if locals continue to dam-surf.


Traditional Owner of North-East Arnhem Land seeks greater control over economic development

A traditional owner in north-east Arnhem Land is seeking greater control over economic development and lead to jobs on his land.

Djambawa Marawili and traditional owners in the small Baniyala community that overlooks Blue Mud Bay are in talks with the Northern Land council about taking control of the issuing of leases on their country.

In what is expected to be a test case for a recent and controversial amendment to the Northern Territory Land Rights Act, Mr Marawili says traditional owners want to be able to make decisions locally, rather than requiring approval from the large, Darwin-based NLC.


United Kingdom accused of failing to push anti-slavery laws.

Campaigners have recently urged the United Kingdom government to act against companies that do not comply with legislation requiring them to disclose trafficking and slavery risks.

Under the Modern Slavery Act 2015, any company with a turnover of more than thirty six million pounds that is registered and provides goods and services in the UK must file an annual statement under the Act’s transparency in supply chain clause.

According to the Tisc report, only one thousand six hundred and eighty three UK companies of the three thousand nine hundred and thirty nine who should have filed a statement have done so.


Turkey Sentences Forty to Life

Forty rogue soldiers have been sentenced to life imprisonment for plotting to assassinate Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in July last year.

Among the sentenced was President Erdogan’s former military aide-de-camp Ali Yazici.

The failed assassination left two hundred and forty-nine people dead and the president, as he said, “minutes from death.”