Gay sauna raided in Indonesia and more zedlines...

A gay sauna in Indonesia has been raided, and 58 have been arrested, in what some say is another sign of the country’s anti-LGBT backlash.

Police raided the sauna late on Friday, after allegations from the public that it was being used for prostitution, and Indonesian police spokesperson Argo Yuwono says seven people will be charged under the country’s pornography laws.

Senior Indonesian researcher at Human Rights Watch, Andreas Harsono, says the raid is part of an anti-LGBT campaign in Indonesia.

Homosexuality is not illegal in the country, but the small LGBT community faces growing hostility from police and the community.


Galillee Blockade targeting Downer organisation

A civil resistance and protest group working to prevent the proposed Adani coal mine have blockaded a Sunshine Coast asphalt plant for the second time in a week.

The Galilee Blockade group is a climate aware, anti-violence organisation which works to connect passionate people around Australia to target organisations and companies involved with Adani in an attempt to stop the government from approving the coal mine.

The Downer organisation, who runs the Sunshine Coast asphalt plant, is the Galilee Blockade’s latest target with the group claiming on Facebook that they will continue to target Downer until they commit not to build Adani's mine.


Decline in retail jobs for regional Queensland

Over 15 thousand retail jobs have been lost in regional Queensland, as external factors are leading to the closure of regional stores.

More retailers are continuing to close their stores due to increasing pressure from large chain stores, new technology, and consumers cutting down their spending.

Online shopping also poses a significant threat, as consumers prefer the greater convenience and selection offered by online stores, in comparison to the remote locations and limited market of most regional stores.


Combating youth homelessness

Across the country, more than 100,000 people are homeless or sleeping rough, with almost half of those aged under 25, and a further 18,000 are under the age of 12.

Department of Human Services General Manager Hank Jongen says that youth and children at risk of homelessness are especially vulnerable, with many leaving home due to family violence, child abuse or family breakdown.

Mr Jongen further explains the importance of working together to tackle poverty and how creating innovative ways to collaborate and address underlying factors causing homelessness is the first step for change.

World Homeless Day is held on October 10 and is a day to remember the difficult challenges faced by those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.


New vaccine to strengthen the health of young Australians

Young Australians will soon have free access to the new HPV vaccine, protecting against more strains of HPV infections.

From the start of 2018, the vaccine will be offered through school based immunisation programs to all 12 to 13 year old boys and girls in years 7 and 8.

The new Gardasil 9 vaccine protects against nine different strains of HPV and is admin-isted through two doses instead of three.

The new and improved vaccine is the most comprehensive and effective HPV vaccine ever and is a significant breakthrough which will provide Australian children with greater protection against HPV.


Factory supplying world’s tech giants accused of labour abuses

A factory that supplies some of the world’s leading technology brands has been accused of labour abuse of Chinese students.

Quanta Computer, a Taiwanese-owned company with factories across China, supplies tech giants such Apple, Acer, and Sony.

A report by Hong Kong organisation Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour, claims students are being forced to work 12 hour days on factory production lines, under threats that their funding will be cut or their diploma withheld if they do not comply.

Student interns are believed to make up half of all workers at Quanta’s Chongqing factory, and are used for cheap and disposable labour, according to undercover researchers.