Heart Disease Hotspots Revealed in Latest Mapping and more Zedlines

New research out today has revealed where you live is just as important as how you live when it comes to your heart health. (Image credit: Health.mil)

While risk factors such as high cholesterol and blood pressure are critical, it was found deaths related to heart disease are 50 per cent higher in disadvantaged areas such as the Queensland outback, which has the highest coronary heart mortality rate of any region in Australia.

Heart Foundation CEO John Kelly said although there are more heart health checks by general practitioners now, there is still more to do to reduce the number of cardiac related diseases.


Lever action shotguns to be reclassified in Queensland

Queenslanders owning lever action shotguns will have their weapons reclassified to be in the same category as pump-action and self loading weapons, and will be subject to tougher restrictions.

Lever action shotguns will be moved from the lowest level of category A, to category B if they have a capacity of five rounds or fewer, and higher capacity models being classified in the more restricted category D.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuck says the change will ensure those who own high capacity firearms will be a very small number with a legitimate reason for ownership.

The changes are set to take effect from March next year.


Education Minister warns of Chinese Influence on Australian University campuses

Education Minister Simon Birmingham has reminded Australian universities to remain independent and hold a standard of academic integrity, after concerns of chinese influence in the higher education sector.

Minister Birmingham has come in support for Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Secretary Frances Adamson, who told a Chinese-government funded academic institute that education institutions must remain resilient against foreign influence.

The Minister says that all students should be challenged when they are at university and have their thinking challenged.  


Northern Territory mango farmers seeking compensation following discovery of chemical contamination

Hundreds of mango farmers in the Northern Territory are seeking compensation after learning of chemical compensation from a nearby defence base.

The contamination comes from firefighting foam used on RAAF base Tindal, which seeped into the nearby town of Katherine’s water supply, rendering the water 66 times over the safe limit for drinking water.

Patrick Fordham is one of the farmers affected, claiming he was simply told not to eat any of the mangoes, when asking a defence representative about the incident.

The defence department have said they should have warned the public years ago, with repairs set to cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

The compensation case is still in development.


Catalan not backing down despite pro-Spain unionist protest

After hundreds-of-thousands of pro-Spain unionists protested in Barcelona, the Spanish government and Catalonia have shown no signs of compromise.

The banned referendum on the region’s independence held at the start of last month was not enough to thwart the motion. Spain fears the Catalan parliament will vote to break away on October 10 when the faction’s leader Carles Puigdemont is due to address assembly.

On Monday, Spain’s deputy PM said the government would act against any independence declaration, Spain’s Socialist party has also come out in support of the government.

Neighbour France said it will not acknowledge a unilateral agreement.


Commission confirms scale of post-election violence in Kenya

An inquest by a human rights group has confirmed at least 37 people were killed in clashes between police and protesters in Kenya, following the release of election results in August.

Three children were killed, including a six-month old child, with police opening fire with live bullets on protesters.

Local government denied the use of live bullets by police at the time, attributing the violence to “criminal elements.”

Last month, the supreme court declared the election results “invalid, null and void,” confirming the claims of the opposition leader at the time of the election.

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