Fossil Free UQ protesters taken out of building by police

Members of student environmental group, Fossil Free UQ, were escorted out of the University of Queensland Chancellery yesterday, putting an end to their ten hours of peaceful protest against the University’s links to big polluters.

The intention of the group was to get members of the UQ Senate to divest from fossil fuels, and they also point out the university is violating their own policies in allowing Senators with conflicts of interest to participate in any deliberation regarding divestment.

UQ was approached for a statement regarding the matter, but they are yet to respond to us.

New Valley Cafe offering low-cost meals to homeless

A new cafe serving those in Brisbane who find themselves homeless has opened in Fortitude Valley today, and will offer meals which are not only low in cost, but have high nutritional value.

Third Space Cafe, run by the 1-3-9 club, is based on the same principles as the Soul Food Cafe in the United States, and the Wayside Chapel Cafe in Sydney.

This is the first of its kind in Queensland, and Third Space Cafe aims to share meals in a safe environment, and address people’s immediate needs when they are homeless.

Whales at threat as new study on seismic testing shows greater impact than expected

The New South Wales government is being called to refuse an exploration license for oil and gas off the shore of Newcastle after a study found whales are showing greater signs of impact than previously expected from seismic testing.

The University of Queensland’s study on the behavioral responses of humpback whales to the noise of seismic surveys found “the majority of groups appeared to avoid the source vessel at distances greater than the radius of most mitigation zones".

NSW Greens Marine and fisheries spokesperson Justin Field says this study shows the NSW community cannot trust the process will protect migrating whales.

Canberra sex shop refused by Afterpay and Zippay
Debora Avery, owner of Canberra-based online sex shop The Pleasure Box is taking AfterPay and Zippay to the ACT Human Rights Commission.

Ms Avery filed a complaint with the anti-discrimination commissioner after the two specialist merchant services turned her down because of the nature of her business.
She says, "I want to be able to offer my customers Afterpay and zipPay. It's my customers that are being discriminated against because they're making a [moral] judgement."

Afterpay responded that it doesn't offer services to the adult industry, while zippay said it wouldnt service any adult business with less than a 10 million dollar turnover.

Greece’s parliament approves new law enabling people to change legal gender

Citizens over 15-year-old will be able to change their gender without undergoing a medical operation and will only need a court ruling.

LGBT activist say although the law has improved the situation, it however does not establish “full self-determination” for transgender people.

The Greek Orthodox church has spoken out, calling the move “immoral.”

#GirlsTakeover for a day in top jobs
For International Day of the Girl, over 600 leadership roles in 60 countries will be taken over by girls in a campaign organised by humanitarian organisation, PLAN International.

As a part of Girls Take Over, girls will become mayors, head teachers, business leaders, politicians and take on other high-profile roles for a day, in order to make a statement on the power of young women.

The purpose of the campaign is to call for a social and political revolution, and to tear down barriers which are continually holding girls back in the world.