Historical Convictions for Homosexuality in Queensland Overturned and more zedlines...

464 people who were convicted during the time when homosexual acts were illegal in Queensland, can now have their criminal records expunged.

Under legislation brought through the parliament yesterday, the Attorney General and Department of Justice will be responsible for the amendment of records.

Advocates welcome the action and reform, acknowledging how important it is for those convicted, and for the state of Queensland in recognising that loving who you love should not be against the law.

Launch of SES Week
Today will mark the official launch of SES Week here in Queensland, shining the spotlight on community members who volunteer in the State Emergency Service.

Groups all around the state will be thanking their volunteers this week and their efforts will be recognised with an awards ceremony on Sunday.

Today, minister for Emergency Services, Mark Ryan, will be heading official proceedings on the Gold Coast to commemorate SES week.

States asked to implement “life-saving” policy to save indigenous lives
The Federal Government is urging state and territory governments to implement a “life-saving” policy to prevent Indigenous deaths in custody.

An off was made a year ago by the Commonwealth to fund a Custody Notification Scheme throughout all states after a coronial inquest into the death of 22 year-old Ms Dhu who had been in police custody.

The scheme will provide a 24-hour legal advice and support telephone hotline by connecting any Indigenous person taken into custody with lawyers from the Aboriginal Legal System.

Although the program was recommended 26 years ago by the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths, it is currently only effective in New South Wales and the ACT.

Fact Check: Women in Cabinet not at record high
Despite the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull claiming he has more women in his cabinet than any previous government, a simple fact check has proved him wrong.

After guesting on Melbourne radio station 3AW where he made the claims, Deputy Opposition Leader, Tanya Plibersek was quick to point out the statement was incorrect, as the preceding Labor government had more women in their cabinet roles.

ABC and RMIT’s fact check weighed in on the comment, and proved the Prime Minister wrong; while his cabinet currently has five women in the twenty-one member cabinet, the last Labor government had six women in their cabinet.

China sees all public space via security cameras
Beijing police have reported that China is covered with surveillance, and there is no public space cameras cannot see.
The security obsession has become a point of national pride after claims China is the world’s ultimate “security state”.
Every subway entrance involves a process including bag scanners and metal detectors, and armed military police stand guard around major public spaces for maximum safety.

International Day of The Girl
Today, October the 11th is international Day of the Girl. Declared by the United Nations the yearly celebration started in 2012 to support more opportunity for girls and to raise gender inequality awareness worldwide surrounding education, work, rights, medical care and violence against women, to name a few.