Katter’s Australia Party fails to stop tougher gun laws and more Zedlines...

Tighter restrictions on lever-action shotguns have been passed after Katter's Australia Party failed to block the changes in Parliament.

On Wednesday, KAP leader Robbie Katter said his party would attempt to block the changes in Parliament, however their bid was quickly shut down by LNP leader Tim Nicholls.

This currently brings Queensland into line with other state firearm restrictions.


Funding secured for M1 upgrade, construction underway

With the federal government finally reaching a funding agreement, construction has begun on the one hundred and ninety million dollar upgrade of the M1 motorway.

The upgrade will relieve congestion at Underwood, a major bottleneck between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

The project has an expected completion time of two years, however, Federal Infrastructure Minister Paul Fletcher says the importance of the project to Southeast Queensland’s residents couldn’t be understated.


Free breast and ovarian cancer testing for people at high risk

Free genetic testing will be offered to people with a high risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer.

In the past, the genetic test cost patients up to two thousand dollars before dropping to six hundred dollars.

The test will now be free of cost for high risk patients with The Medical Services Advisory Committee deciding to list the test on the Medicare Benefits Schedule.


Defence Minister doesn’t blame the government for lax security of defence contractors

Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne says the government can't be blamed for the sloppy cyber security of its sub-contractor that led to hackers stealing thirty gigabytes of commercially-sensitive data.

Mr Pyne on Wednesday said he did not know who the hackers were, but also suggested the government might know and wasn't prepared to divulge the details.

Mr Pyne said the government had been alerted to the breach by a prime contractor, suggesting the small company was a sub-contractor working for a "prime" contractor such as Raytheon, Boeing or Lockheed Martin.


Kenyans Protest Opposition Leader’s Withdrawal

Protests have erupted in Kenya after Opposition Leader Raila Odinga announced his withdrawal from the presidential race just two weeks before the election.

Police have begun firing tear gas at protesters who are angered that this decision will lead to a walkover victory for President Uhuru Kenyatta.

There is concern however these protests will lead to similar violence to the 2007 post-election protests which killed one thousand one hundred civilians.


Madagascar affected by the plague

At least forty two people have been killed in Madagascar after an outbreak of the plague hit the island in August.

Charlotte Ndiaye of the World Health Organization said this outbreak will not be as lethal compared to The Black Death in the 1300s which killed millions in Europe, as the disease can be treated with antibiotics.

World Health Organisation has sent over one million doses of antibiotics to the twenty districts in Madagascar affected by the disease.