Allegations of mistreatment against Muslim inmates at Brisbane correctional centre and more Zedlines...

Muslim inmates at Brisbane’s Arthur Gorrie correctional centre have complained of being denied halal food, beaten, humiliated, and banned from prayer by prison staff.

The Islamic Council of Queensland, in a letter to Queensland Corrective Services (QCS), said that there have been incidents of non-Muslim inmates being ordered to assault Muslim prisoner, and prisoners have been threatened with gas if they continued to pray together.

The Islamic Council heard the allegations of mistreatment during visits with Muslim inmates, and made an appeal for action, which was unsuccessful as, according to a QCS spokesperson, no further evidence was provided to back up the claims.

Cost of living blows Queensland families budgets 

An ABS study reveals that Queensland families are doing it the toughest , with families spending more than $76,000 a year on general living expenses.

Rising costs on housing, food, energy and transport takes up the majority of Queensland families incomes, with budgets being blown on the basics.

The study also revealed that Queenslanders were doing it the toughest when it came to finding spare cash in an emergency with over 16 per cent of households stating they could not access $2,000 in any given week.

Economist Nick Behrens says that economic hardship was being felt across Queensland and that Queensland was faring the worst in comparison to the rest of Australian due to the collapse of the mining boom.

Disability advocate sick of feeling like a second-class citizen

Disability activist Sam Connor has made a discrimination complaint to the Human Rights Commission on account of a lack of disability access to MP offices.

Ms Connor is confined to a wheelchair due to a condition called Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy and wants financial compensation for not being able to enter public offices, or enter in an undignified matter.

The complaint comes under the Disability Discrimination Act which makes it illegal for public services and places to be inaccessible to people with disabilities.

Her complaint is aimed at the Federal and WA government as well as 15 individual MPs, including Foreign Affairs Minister, Julie Bishop.

An Australian team is leading the charge for commercially available solar cars

An Australian team of designers and engineers are attempting to tackle the challenge to make solar-powered commercial vehicles a reality in the near future.

The World Solar Challenge, a 3’000 kilometre race from Darwin to Adelaide, has been completed for another year and the Australian ‘TeamArrow’, comprised of volunteers and university students was one of only three cars to cross the finish line.

Founder of TeamArrow, Cameron Tuesley, is extremely proud of the achievement but says it is only step one in their main goal, which is to get these vehicles roadworthy and on the market by 2019.

India’s women are still struggling for equality

Women are still struggling for equality in India, after court bans controversial ‘triple talaq’ divorce law earlier this year.

India’s supreme court banned triple talaq, where a man could divorce his wife by saying the Urdu word three times, deeming it in violation of the indian constitution.

However, India’s women are speaking up, stating that many still face deep-rooted discrimination and prejudice when it comes to getting a job, education or finding homes.

Founding member of the Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan, Zakia Soman says that even though this repressive practice has finally ended, now begins the battle for social reform within India’s community.

Germany debates over state-celebration of Islamic holidays

A debate in Germany has been sparked after interior minister Thomas De Maiziere endorsed state celebration of Islamic holidays in areas where large numbers of Muslims live.

German law states that each of the 16 German states can decide independently which religious holidays are state-celebrated, with most state-celebrated holidays being Christian.

The minister’s statements have attracted criticism by Christian conservative parties and the far-right anti-immigration party Alternative for Germany.

Muslims currently make up over five per cent of Germany’s population, with the majority residing in Berlin and the western cities.