Stories of sexual assault, torture and chemical restraints from Wolston Park Hospital shared and more Zedlines....

Harrowing stories of sexual assaults, torture and chemical restraints have been shared by those who endured life in the Wolston Park Hospital, at Wacol, as children. (Image Source: Pixbay)

Children in the care of the state, who did not have a mental illness and suffered abuse and neglect, were wrongly sent to adult mental health facilities between the 1950s and 1980s.

The Queensland government has announced it has approved a confidential compensation payment and counselling for nine women, with arrangements being made for their ongoing support.


Queens Wharf development accused of implementing hostile architecture

A local councilor for the Greens party has accused the Queens wharf of bringing hostile architecture to Brisbane.

Greens councillor Jonathan Sri says the furniture design for the $3 billion Queen’s Wharf development is disgusting and needs to be changed, as it does not allow homeless people to use the benches to sleep.

Councillor Sri further remarked how when councils and governments discourage homeless people from using highly visible public spaces, they end up sleeping in unsafe areas on the margins.


Tourist Attacked by Crocodile in NT

A Queensland tourist has been bitten on the hand and leg by a freshwater crocodile at Wangi Falls at Litchfield National Park in Northern Territory.

The thirty-six year old Queenslander bandaged the wounds himself before heading to the nearest hospital for two stitches on his finger and eight staples on his leg.

This is not the first time someone has been bitten by a crocodile at the falls, two years ago two tourists were bitten on separate incidents.


Government remains committed to blocked citizenship overhaul

The government’s citizenship reforms, which included longer waiting times for permanent residents and a tougher English language exam, were struck off the Senate notice paper on Wednesday after missing a deadline to pass the bill.

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s sweeping reforms to citizenship will be redrafted and eventually reintroduced to the Senate, a Coalition frontbencher has indicated.

The bill failed to pass with Labor, with the Greens and the Nick Xenophon Team all opposing.


President of China campaigns for less corruption 

Chinese President, Xi Jinping has opened the China Communist party congress with a critical pledge to continue his anti-corruption campaign.

Xi Jinping set out his vision as he addressed more than 2,000 delegates in Beijing's cavernous Great Hall of the People, including 91-year-old former President Jiang Zemin.

Along with taking a hard stance against corruption, China will also relax market access for foreign investment and expand access to its services sector, as well as deepen market-oriented reform of its exchange rate and financial system, while at the same time strengthening state firms.


3D Printed Bridge Opens in the Netherlands

The Netherlands have built the world’s first 3D printed concrete bridge.

The bridge has been in the works since June and is made up of eight hundred layers of reinforced prestressed concrete.

Although the eight meter long bridge is intended for cyclists, the bridge can hold up to forty trucks.