Tired emergency crews will be better managed after Cyclone Debbie and more Zedlines...

The Queensland government will better manage fatigued workers in emergency situations in the wake of a review into the response to Cyclone Debbie. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Despite identifying that the response to Debbie was the best-planned to date, the review by Inspector-General of Emergency Management Iain MacKenzie made 18 recommendations to improve future responses.

The government accepted 17 of the recommendations, while it accepted the 18th, for emergency alerts to be made more timely and targeted, on principle.

Council defends agreement with technology company

Brisbane City Council has defended its decision to enter an agreement with a Brisbane technology company after opposition councillors revealed an alleged personal connection to a councillor, claiming the project had “little value.”

On Tuesday, opposition leader Peter Cumming called on the council to explain why Brisbane company Sniip was handed the potentially lucrative business of supplying a new way to pay rates bill without tenders being called.

Cr Cumming said documentation, obtained by the opposition, showed senior council officers advised against adopting the app as the take-up rate of QR codes in Australia was “disappointingly low.”

Australia grilled by Geneva over Human Rights Committee selection

Australia is being grilled by the Human Rights Committee in Geneva earlier this morning following its selection to the UN’s HUman Rights Council.

Vice chair of the Committee Yuval Shany noted Australia's "generally strong record" on human rights, however he questioned Mr Abbott's 2015 comments on the Australian Human Rights Commission's The Forgotten Children report.

The report found detention centres were a "dangerous place for children" and called for a royal commission into the practice of putting asylum seeker children into mandatory detention.

Entry level jobs more competitive than ever

A Report by Anglicare is indicating that entry level positions are becoming more competitive and therefore harder to get, with an average of 4.8 applicants for every job posting.

Tasmania is hit the hardest closely followed by South Australia, where on average there is 7.5 applicants for each entry level job posting.

This comes in the midst of Australian “Employment Boom” which has seen 54,000 full time jobs being created in the last month.

Russian socialite could be running for president

Russian TV host and daughter of Vladimir Putin’s political mentor, Ksenia Sobchak, is set to be running in Russia’s presidential election in March next year.

Ms Sobchak said her candidacy was motivated by her desire to be a “mouthpiece to those who cannot be candidates.”

President Putin has yet to declare whether he will run for another six year presidential term.

Residents of Kirkuk forced to leave their homes

Kurdish civilians have been forced to flee their homes after Shiite Hashd al-Shaabi militants continue to cause violence across Kurdish neighborhoods such as Rahimawa, Kurdistan and Panja Ali.

Large number of civilians are headed towards Sulaimani after the militants blocked the route to Erbil.

On Wednesday, police, army officials and Kirkuk Governor Rakan al-Jabouri had urged civilians to stay in their homes, saying there was no threat to them.