Brazilian design meets Aboriginal Art and more zedlines...

Designers from Brazil are collaborating with Aboriginal artists for the National Gallery of Victoria’s first international Triennial.

Commissioned by the National Gallery of Victoria, the gigantic soft sculpture is beginning to take shape, with the piece welcoming visitors to the Gallery's first international Triennial of contemporary art and design, opening in December this year.

The sculpture is to be shipped to Melbourne in the coming weeks, where visitors will be presented with a seven-metre-dome structure that is made with steel and embroidered panels.

Senior curator of the National Gallery of Victoria says that people will be able to walk in and lie down on the furniture and reflect on the shared stories of the artists and designers.


Queensland businesses and jobs stand to gain from Affordable Energy Plan

Hundreds of manufacturers and farmers in Queensland could stand to cut over $10’000 off their annual energy bills under the Palaszczuk Government’s Affordable Energy Plan.

Thanks to the early success of their Energy Savers Plus Program the scheme is being extended to 200 primary producers who will be able to receive up to $20’000 from the government for any energy improvements needed.

Heavy energy users, such as manufacturers, will also benefit, with the government matching them up to $250’000 for any energy improvements needed.

The plan aims to help these Queensland-based companies thrive and employ more Queenslanders, which will re-invest funds back into the state economy.


South-East Queensland most at-risk area for storms

Research from NRMA Insurance has shown that Queensland’s top 5 areas most affected by storms are all in located in the south-east.

Data shows that 24% of all Queensland storm claims occurred in the south-east Brisbane region, in the suburbs of Cleveland, Capalaba and Belmont, with North Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Western Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast taking out the next 4 spots.

This data also showed that 30% of Queensland homeowners did not take the necessary steps to prepare for storm season.

NRMA spokesperson Ramana James says the extent to which Queenslanders underestimate the impact of storms is concerning, and preparation is the key to limiting storm damage.


Australia’s 10 biggest money wasters are costing households over $5000 a year

New research has found that Australian households are losing over $5000 a year on avoidable spending, including bank fees, credit card interest charges, ATM charges, wasted food and vices like gambling and smoking.

A study by financial comparison site has found that tobacco is Australia’s biggest money drainer, costing Australians $16.3 billion every year, an average of over $1700 per household.

Australia’s total avoidable spending amounts to $46.9 billion, an average of almost $2000 per person.


Catalonia questions Spanish government tactics

Amid the hundreds of thousands of Catalan protesters who have congregated on the streets of Barcelona, there are many who claim they have converted to the cause of Catalan independence.

A protester from one of Catalonia’s biggest pro-independence cultural organisations Elena Jim-eh-nez (Jimenez) says that each step the Spanish Government is taking turns more people towards independence.

Catalans are claiming they’re taking part in protests because they’re angry that a national government is moving towards slack elected regional leaders and, for the first time in history, taking powers away from Catalonia.

Until the crisis erupted, polls showed that 70 per cent of Catalans would take part in an independence referendum, however just 41 per cent said that were in favor of cutting ties with Spain.


Iran gets it first government controlled drug clinic for mothers and children

The first government-run clinic dedicated to helping drug-addicted mothers and their children has opened in Iran.

The clinic is a sign of the Iranian government’s changing policies, which are beginning to treat drug abuse as a public health problem, rather than a crime.

Iraq’s Minister of Labour and Social Affairs says that drug addiction is not just a symptom of poverty and unemployment, but also a lack of psychological security.

Iran has around 2.5 million documented drug users.