Public transport rates continue to drop for Brisbane workers and more Zedlines

There are calls for public transport upgrades in Brisbane as data from the 2016 census shows Brisbanites are using less public transport for work than they were five years ago. (Image credit: Pixabay)

Over 75% of travellers in Brisbane go to work by car, one of the highest in a single city compared with the overall nation’s 70% of car travellers.

Dr Matthew Burke, urban research expert from Griffith University, said the high rate of car use is due to cheaper petrol, low fuel taxes, and continued investments in road systems.   

Resignation woes continue for Brisbane private school following online culture scandal

Staff continue to resign from Somerville House in Brisbane, following reports of online privacy issues within staff and data theft.

The dean of students, Karon Graham is the latest to resign with outcry from parents increasing on social media, following two other senior staff members resigning last week.

Parents have launched an online petition for Somerville House to be removed from the control of the Presbyterian and Methodist Schools Association, which they believe is at fault for the recent resignations.

NBN complaints increase as Turnbull blames Labor

The telecommunications industry ombudsman says there’s been an increase of almost 160 per cent in NBN complaints over the past financial year.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull says it was a big mistake to setup a new company to build the National Broadband Network’s infrastructure, The Prime Minister continued to blame Labor for the decision.

The LNP has also implemented controversial changes as well, including the removal of direct fibre cabling to homes.

The Prime Minister says the company was expected to deliver a 3 percent return on investment.     

No Campaign advert given explicit rating

The latest television advertisement for the NO campaign condemning the same-sex survey has been deemed not suitable for children due to explicit content.

The advertisement includes women discussing their concerns about children being taught about homosexual and gender issues.

The ad was given an explicit rating of MA due to its sexual reference, the ad follows other no campaign ads which has linked to legalisation of same sex marriage with compulsory LGBT education in schools.  

Rising threat levels for Japan over North Korea

Japan’s Defence Minister said North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities have grown to an “unprecedented, critical and imminent” level.

Itsunori Odenera said the country will require a different response to meet that level and will consider every option.

Mr Odenera said it’s an issue which needs to be addressed by the US and South Korea too.

Earlier this week, South Korea’s Defence Minister, Song Young-Moo, said North Korea’s behaviour is getting worse.

ISIL believed to have killed civilians before town liberation

ISIL has been accused of killing scores of people in a town it use to have control over in central Syria, before being liberated by Syrian government forces.

ISIL took the town of Al-Qaryatayn in early October, civilians were accused of collaborating with the Syrian government.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says at least 128 people were killed during ISIL in the three weeks leading up to their withdrawal from the region.

Syrian military media says the area has been restored of security and stability.

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