Recreational Fisherman accused of creating ocean junk and more Zedlines

Commercial Prawn trawlers have claimed recreational fisherman are responsible for creating private reefs made out of household items such as fridges off of the coast of Queensland (Image credits: US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).

The trawlers say they are regularly picking up the junk, causing damage to equipment and putting lives in danger, the dumping is most likely occurring to create structures which attract fish, those responsible could face up to $50,000.  


However, recreation fishing group sunfish Queensland says they are unaware of any claims and find them unsubstantiated.

Free vet services form part of push to reduce wild dogs in Cape York town


North Queensland residents have praised the introduction of a two-year free vet program for residents.


The 400 residents of Coen don’t have any veterinary services, with wild dogs remaining a growing community issue.


Health Minister Cameron Dick says the introduction of the program is instrumental for the protection of children, with the hope of not only shrinking the wild dog issue but raising education in the area as well.


Residents needing emergency assistance for their pets previously had to make an 11-hour journey to Cairns.

Sydney proposes free wedding venue hire for same-sex couples


Same-sex couples could be able to marry for free in Sydney’s parks, halls and community venues for the first 100 days if same-sex marriage is legalised as a result of the postal survey.


Sydney Council has backed the motion lead by Labor’s Linda Scott, but not everyone agrees it’s supporting the idea of equality for all.


Prominent Yes campaigner, Councillor Christine Forster and other Liberals have opposed the move after it failed to extend the offer to all couples.

Citizenships spike after proposal of overhaul


The Department of Immigration says citizenship applications have spiked after the federal government's proposed changes was blocked in the Senate.


The changes proposed would have made permanent residents wait at least four years before they could apply for citizenship, along with tougher English testing standards.

The deadline on the bill has since passed and has been scraped from the Senate’s schedule, more than 118,000 applications are currently waiting to be processed.

NFL national anthem debate intensifies


Despite outcry from right-wing pundits and President Donald Trump, NFL players have continued their protests during the national anthem, with at least 22 players involved in the latest display.


Accusations of disrespecting the flag have continued to have been thrown directly from the President's twitter account, calling on the NFL to take action.


The protests originally started by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick were in protest of Police brutality and the treatment of African Americans within the US.


Russian Opposition leader free from latest jail sentence


Russian opposition leader, Alexi Navalny, has walked free after serving a 20-day jail term for organising protests against President Vladimir Putin.


This was the third time this year that Navalny has served time in prison for organising protests.


Shortly after being released from a secret location, Navalny organised a meeting with supporters at a rally 1,300 kilometers south of Moscow.