Protesters lock themselves to Adani machinery... and more Zedlines

Three protesters from Front Line Action on Coal have attached themselves to construction equipment at an Adani site in Central Queensland. (Image: Front Line Action on Coal)

The protesters are all grandparents, who say they are concerned about the environment for future generations like their grandchildren.

FLAC says this peaceful direct action is a last resort for their efforts to stop Adani, but is necessary for the cause.

Cape York residents want ambulance service for the whole year

As the tourist season wraps up in Cape York, so does the Ambulance service - but locals are calling for more funding to keep them year-round in the town of Coen.

In Coen, townspeople are having to act as first responders in medical emergencies or road accidents, and care for the injured for up to five hours until the Royal Flying Doctor Service arrives.

Officer-in-charge of the Coen Ambulance Station, Anthony Schomacker, says there is “good support from the community” to have an on-duty paramedic all year round.

Canberra named top city to visit

The latest Best in Travel guide from Lonely Planet ranks Canberra third in the top 10 cities to visit in 2018.

Our capital sits just behind Seville (Spain) and Detroit (Michigan) as hot destinations to check out.

Chris Zeiher of Lonely Planet says Canberra is “criminally overlooked” and is a “hidden gem hiding in plain sight”

Shopkeeper guilty of selling mouldy food

An Adelaide shopkeeper has plead guilty to more than 30 breaches in food standards at his supermarket.

Overall he was charged with 54 offences during a routine inspection of the shop, which includes a butchery.

Most of the counts were for selling products past their use by date, with some for mouldy fish and others for the mishandling of meat products.

New laws give Home Office data snooping power

n the UK, the home office will now have the power to investigate the data of millions of migrants, following the passage of new laws.

This power comes from a small clause in the legislation, which went largely unnoticed during parliament.

Human rights group, Liberty, says without any opposition, this legislation means millions of people will have their data altered or erased, and it could lead to more serious problems.

Undocumented Teenage girl has abortion approved by courts

An undocumented teenage girl, who has been in US custody, has been granted her right to a safe abortion, despite President Trump’s attempts to deny it.

The District Court of Appeals in Washington has ruled the government is required to let her leave the facility in which she is being held, in order to access the abortion .

She is currently 15 weeks pregnant and is being represented in court by the American Council of Civil Liberties.