Manus closure faces resistance and more zedlines...

Australia’s closing of Manus Island’s detention centre is facing local opposition and a legal challenge. Image sourced from Wikipedia Commons

More than 700 men residing in the centre are refusing to leave despite plans by officials to shut off power and water.

The closure, which takes place on Tuesday next week, follows a PNG Supreme Court ruling 18 months ago.

Lawyer Ben Loma said he will seek orders from the court guaranteeing the men’s safety if and when they are moved to Lorengau.

New Species of Damselfly Discovered in North Queensland

A species of damselfly is attracting a lot of attention in the bug world, but not because they’re in distress.

Found on the Cape York Peninsula, the insect is a completely new species discovered by entomologist, Chris Burwell, during an expedition in Spring Creek.

The flying insect is similar to a dragonfly, with two pairs of wings.

‘Super-cell’ storms strike Australia’s east coast

Heavy rain and hail battered most of Queensland’s south-east overnight, and parts of New South Wales’ north coast.

Damaging storms hit western Brisbane at about 6.15pm, while golf-ball sized hailstones pelted the Warwick and Toowoomba areas.

In Sydney, more than 30,000 lightning strikes battered the Hunter Region.

Unusual Creatures Found Off Western Australian Coast

A crew of C-S-I-R-O scientists have seen some strange things while sampling from the seabed of Australia’s north-west.

Some of their wild discoveries include: sea sponges weighing in at 100kg, and a sea cucumber resembling a Christmas tree bauble.

These finds have impressed scientists, after heavy trawling in the 1970s and 80s saw marine life ripped off the seabed.

Venezuela prepares for December municipal elections

The Venezuelan National Constituent Assembly has approved preparations for municipal elections in December.

This comes as a follow-up to regional elections held on October 15, where results defied most expectations.

Amidst allegations of voter fraud, President Nicolas Maduro’s United Socialist Party won 18 out of 23 governor races.

UN peacekeepers killed by explosive device in Mali

Three United Nations peacekeepers have been killed and two others wounded by an explosive device in northern Mali.

The UN peacekeepers were escorting a convoy through the towns of Tessalit and Aguelhok when their vehicle hit a landmine or an improvised explosive device, around 2:30 pm local time.

Since the mission in Mali began, back in 2013, more than 80 peacekeepers have been killed by ‘malicious acts’ making it one of the UN’s most deadliest peacekeeping missions.

The UN mission in Mali (MINUSMA) released a statement saying the two injured peacekeepers have been brought to Kidal City for treatment, and no one has claimed responsibility for the attack yet.