Detainees launch legal action against Australia and more Zedlines

Manus Island detainees are set to launch legal action against Australia following the closure of the detention centre.

Overnight, a final message was posted by the Papua New Guinea Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority, which can be found on our website, stating the centre will officially close today at 5 pm with anyone choosing to remain at the centre becoming liable for removal by an active military base.

The refugees will claim their constitutionally protected human rights are being continuously breached by the removal of basic services including water and electricity.

Renewable energy booming in Queensland

Queensland has been named as the leader for renewable energy in the country following a Climate Council report.

Over 30 percent of Queensland households have installed solar on their rooftops, with over $1.6 billion in large-scale renewable energy investments for the state.

While the reports showed Queensland as a leader for renewables, the state still maintains a large reliance on fossil fuel with 73 percent of the state's energy coming from coal.

March of the Fish

A pest fish located in a far north Queensland river is being likened to that of the march of the cane toad the Northern Territory experienced years ago.

With no idea how the Spotted Tilapia landed in the Walsh River, biosecurity authorities are now racing against the clock to figure out whether the fish will have an impact on the multi-million dollar prawn and barramundi industries as wet season looms.

Officials cannot determine whether the tilapia can be eradicated until they confirm how far the species has travelled within the river system.

AVA encourages owners to vaccinate furry friends

The Australian Veterinary Association is encouraging owners to make sure their furry friends are up-to-date when it comes to their vaccinations as the exposure to the often fatal parvovirus is at an all-time high this time of year.

The AVA says all puppies from six weeks of age should be vaccinated against the disease, as many pets’ lives are put at risk when they’re not properly protected against the disease.

Parvo is a highly contagious disease, with many hot spots across Australia, including Mount Isa and Mackay.

Incumbent Kenyan President, Uhuru Kenyatta, is confident the country had a “free, fair and credible election” despite a 39 percent voter turnout due to an opposition boycott, according to the electoral commission.

Kenyetta’s victory in the original August 8 election was nullified by the Supreme Court because of a series of irregularities.

In the October 26 re-run, Kenyetta secured 98 percent of the vote, equating to 39 percent of the 19.6 million registered voters.

Saudi Arabia ease ban on women in sporting stadiums

As of next year, Saudi Arabia will allow women to enter into sports stadiums, as part of an increased push to stop gender segregation in the country.

Women will be allowed to sit in the ‘family-only’ section, separate from the male-only section, with the general sports commission labelling the decision a push for families to attend games.

The development follows increased public support for allowing women to drive which is set to come into place next year.