Victorian Government announces 2-year safe drug injecting room and more Zedlines

Melbourne is set to trial the state’s first drug testing room in a plan to be announced by the Victorian Government. (Image credit:Wikipedia)

The facility’s location in the overdose hotspot of North Richmond was elected after a recent parliamentary hearing which found that the region’s drug problem had reached crisis level.

The move has the backing of the Victorian Coroner plus all arms of Victoria’s emergency services have either said they will support or would not oppose the initiative.

The AAP understands the government will formally announce the trial today.


Influenza vaccine branded ‘inadequate’ for low efficacy

The influenza virus has killed 546 people nationally in 2017; some say the vaccine’s low efficacy has contributed to the rate of casualties.

Canberra Hospital Infectious Diseases physician Peter Collignon says this year’s vaccine has had a very low efficacy in combating the A (H3) strain, which is responsible for many flu cases.

New South Wales Minister, Brad Hazzard, has criticised the government for the vaccine’s poor performance, claiming that Federal, state and territory governments have a responsibility to ensure an effective vaccine.


Townsville Council redundancies fund airstrip for Adani Carmichael coal mine

Over 140 workers are being made redundant at Townsville Council, while $18.5 million in savings will go towards an airstrip for the carmichael coal mine.

Both Townsville and Rockhampton councils will invest upwards of $15 million each, in an investment aiming to secure 2200 construction jobs for the airstrip at the mine, to be later used for FIFO workers.

Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill says independent advice from KPMG confirms the local economy will benefit from the deal, with an expected $90 million a year.


Locals worried about new Stolen Generation in Far North Queensland

Cairns local fear a recent increase in youth crime could lead to a new ‘stolen generation’ of kids.

There are 874 children living out of home in Far North Queensland, being relocated following crime charges.

Child Safety Minister, Shannon Fentiman, said increased investment has made a significant impact on the issue, with increased numbers of child safety staff on the ground.

However, Cairns MP Rob Pyne believes there needs to be more focus on tackling the issue at the family level.


Tunnel demolition in Israel claims six

Six palestinians have been killed in a tunnel explosion on the gaza strip by the Israeli government.

Military spokesperson Jonathan Concritus says the explosions are part of neutralising a terror tunnel in the region, which the government has been monitoring for months.

Some of the deceased are believed to be from Islamic Jihad, an allied military group.


Concentration of carbon dioxide increased at record speed

Last year, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere hit a level not seen for more than three million years, according to the UN weather agency.

A report has found globally averaged concentrations of CO2 reached 403.3 parts per million in 2016, up from 400 parts per million in 2015 due to a combination of human activity and a strong El Nino.

This acceleration still occurred despite a slowdown in emissions, due to the El Nino intensifying droughts, weakening the ability of vegetation to absorb carbon dioxide.