Parliamentary inquiry into deaths of seasonal workers

A parliamentary inquiry has heard the details of how three seasonal workers from Tonga died while working as part of a program backed by the federal government(Max Pixel).

The inquiry also heard how labour-hire contractors are exploiting foreign workers by skimming millions of dollars from them, and offering unsanitary, overcrowded housing.

In both Queensland and Victoria, contractors have been running these operations because authorities are not taking enough notice, according to lawyers involved.

The inquiry is now considering the implementation of a Modern Slavery Act.

Adani Protests key in Queensland election

As predictions for the Queensland election abound, it is believed the Adani coal mine will be a decision factor for many urban voters who are currently undecided.

Protests will have their influence at the polls, according to a former liberal party director, who says The Greens stand to gain significant ground in Brisbane because of their opposition to Adani.

Opposition to Labor’s support of the Carmichael Mine was evident during the Premier’s recent visit to North Queensland, where she was heckled by protestors; and it’s leading some to say a strong protest movement will be effective in the current political climate.

Traveller Details Leaked
The booking details of over 100 travellers from Australia and overseas, credit card and driver's licenses have been exposed.
The details of the holidaymakers were found in the bin-room of a five-hundred-and-fourteen room Brisbane apartment which prompted outrage from visitors.

However, those affected by the leaked details may not have any legal protection due to limitations in the Commonwealth Privacy Act.

New study on risky drinking behaviour in teens

A Curtin University study has found parents who supply alcohol to their teenagers for parties or schoolies events may be encouraging heavier consumption and risky drinking behaviours.

The conclusion of this study is out of line with conventional thinking from many parents, who believe they can help by exercising control over what their kids are drinking.

Instead, the study has shown young people are not limiting themselves to the alcohol which has been provided by well-meaning parents, and they will find their own ways of ‘topping up’ their own supply if they can’t get it themselves.

Opposition Leader rejects ‘sham’ of a re-vote

Raila Odinga, leader of the opposition in Kenya, has slammed the results of the country’s repeat vote, which has seen Uruhu Kenyatta win a second term as President.

With a voter turnout of less than forty percent in the re-run, Kenyatta is reported to have won 96 percent of the vote.

This year’s election has been a difficult one in Kenya; violence has become a mainstay in many cities, and so far fifty people have died in election-related violence since August.

Robots may not be taking over our jobs
A new study has revealed one in five jobs face automation by 2030, which is lower than earlier estimates.

The Future of Skills: Employment report showed in 2030, 27 per cent of the 160 million people living in the United States, will breathe easier knowing their jobs are safe.

By extension, this will mean 3 million Australians will not be at risk of robots taking over their jobs.

The report also showed 20 per cent of workers were in the vulnerable category.

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