Chatbot developed to help domestic violence victims and more zedlines

A Melbourne-based social enterprise is developing a chatbot designed to support people affected by domestic and sexual violence.

Hello Cassie is a chatbot that attempts to remove the fear, shame, and social stigma that often prevents victims of domestic violence from speaking out.

Good Hood founder Emma Koster says the system is completely private and operates via simple text messaging, so users don’t even need to download an app.

The company is still seeking funding to finish the project, which it hopes will be ready for piloting by early next year.

Pauline Hanson joins the Queensland campaign trail

Pauline Hanson has today joined the Queensland campaign trail after returning from India and arriving at Brisbane International airport early this morning.

Senator Hanson has previously accused Premier Palaszczuk of purposely calling the election early to take advantage of the One-Nation leader being out of the country.

The main issue of her campaign will be the cost of power with a clear focus to drive down electricity prices.

On the topic of voter preferences, Ms Hanson was quick to shut down the idea of a deal with the LNP and has announced it is up to the people of Queensland to decide where their vote will go.


Queensland woman combatting waste

A Queensland woman has started a website to help combat food waste all around the world.

Spare Harvest connects farmers, gardeners, and cooks from communities across the globe, helping them swap, share, or sell their spare produce that would otherwise go to waste.

Owner Helen Andrew says the initiative is all about making sure our all of our valuable resources are used by the community instead of ending up in landfill.


Aboriginal artist teaches about land rights via mail bags

A South Australian Indigenous Artist is using Australia Post canvas mailbags to spread message about land rights to a wider audience.

Mumu Mike Williams decided start painting the bags after a 2014 decision by the South Australian Government that saw legislation changed to allow elected Indigenous representatives to be dismissed.

Mr Williams says he is trying to urge politicians and the government to listen to and learn from indigenous communities.
Link found between Vladimir Putin and Trump administration

New evidence has emerged of the links between the Trump administration and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A huge cache of leaked documents has revealed that US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross holds a significant stake in a shipping company that is engaging in a multi-million dollar deal with a Russian firm owned by Putin’s staff.

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists reporter Sasha Chavkin says Mr Ross would have gone to great lengths to hide his connection with the Russian administration.


Unmarried African couples forced to legalise their relationships

The government of Burundi, in East Africa, has declared that unmarried couples who live together must legalise their relationships by the end of the year.

The declaration is part of an effort to reform morals in the country, with interior ministry spokesman Terence (Ent-Tahi-Raja) claiming state-sanctioned weddings are the solution to the population boom, which he attributed to illegal marriages, polygamy, and bigamy.

Officials have begun to organise mass weddings to carry out these orders.

Many citizens oppose the new marriage law, which they claim is a violation of human rights, and goes against people’s religious beliefs, customs, and practices.