Political donation ban put back in the spotlight and more Zedlines

The peak Queensland body for the property development industry have called for a complete ban on political donations. (Image Credit:7th Brigade)

The calls come following the introduction of legislation by Premier Annastacia Palazczuk banning political donations at a state or local government level by property developers.

Urban Development Institute of Australia Queensland chief executive Marina Vit has called the bill discriminatory to the industry, pushing for a bill that maintains transparency without discrimination.


Rural volunteer firefighters call on political parties for support

The Rural Fire Brigades Association Queensland has called on political parties for support ahead of the state election.

Under state legislation, volunteer firefighters are currently not recognised for their work, the Rural Fire Brigades Association QLD are pushing for this to be changed.

They are also seeking commitment for an Emergency Management Fire and Rescue Levy to be distributed to brigades for sustainable funding.


Gas exportation plan rejected by Western Australian farmers

Farmers in the South-West region of Western Australia have confronted government officials over an agreement with Bunbury Energy to test for gas within the area.

Kathy Thomson from lobby group Gasfield Free South West alliance has stated the majority of the community don’t want any gas wells, and want their fields gas free.

Bunbury Energy chief executive officer, Wal Muir, has denied the company would interfere with the region’s agriculture and tourism industries.


2017 set to be one of the hottest on record

As almost 200 countries begin talks to bolster climate change policy, the UN has released statistics which confirm 2017 as breaking into the top three hottest years on record.

The results come as a surprise considering the lack of the El Nino heatwave which occurred last year.

In Australia, temperatures are expected to climb above 50 degrees in Sydney and Melbourne earlier than previously estimated.

A development which is set to test the physiological capabilities of the human body.


Fighting in Marawi continues despite victory declaration by Philippine police

Two weeks ago, police forces in the Philippines declared victory over pro-ISIL groups in Marawi, yet sporadic fighting continues.

More than 1,100 people were killed during the unrest in the region, with a further 350,000 displaced.

The continued fighting is believed to be due to the presence of Amin Baco, who was believed to have been killed during earlier conflict but has been confirmed as on the run by Defence Secretary, Delfin Lorenzana.


US resume issuing of visas to Turkey

Following a series of detentions earlier this year, the United States of America have begun issuing visas to Turkey once again, following assurances of the safety of US diplomats in the region.

The turkish embassy in Washington stated the move would be reciprocated, with developments in positive action towards the release of US diplomats currently detained in Turkey.

As of yet, there has yet to be any guarantee or agreement between the two countries.