Syria joins Paris Climate Agreement... and more Zedlines

Syria announced it would join the Paris climate agreement during the UN climate talks in Bonn, Germany yesterday. (Image: Wikimedia commons)

From here, the country will have to submit its “instruments of ratification”; this will likely include part of the Syrian constitution which stipulates protection of the environment.

Syria’s move to join now makes the US the only country in the world to not be a part of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Melanoma rates in Queensland stable for the first time

A new study by the Cancer Council Queensland shows for the first time, incidence rates for invasive melanomas in people aged over 60 have stabilized and are beginning to fall.

Melanoma remains one of the most preventable cancers, however The Cancer Council’s Professor Jane Aitken says Queensland has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world.

The study looked into the incidence and mortality rates from the past 20 years, and highlights rates melanoma in those under 40 are declining slightly - positive news for the younger generation.

New park bringing San Francisco to Nambour

A park inspired by San Francisco’s landscape is launching on the Sunshine Coast.

The Nambour parklet projects aims to maximise community benefits by utilising small and unused public areas.

Sunshine Coast Division 10 representative councillor Greg Rogerson says the council has supported Nambour Alliance to bring contemporary projects to the Sunshine Coast as a part of the Nambour Activation plan.

Fire burns Elizabeth Vale home

A man is in critical condition and four others are being treated after a fire ripped through a Elizabeth Vale home in Adeliade’s north.

The fire began yesterday in the kitchen of the home.

Ambulance spokesperson Nathan Perks said it was a confronting scene.

Emergency services say an elderly man and woman suffered from smoke inhalation, whilst another man was bitten by two dogs after attempting to release them from the burning house.

WA government not fixing contaminated water supply

A remote Aboriginal community has criticised the West Australian Government for not fixing their contaminated drinking water, which has since led to life-threatening situations.

The water found in Pandanus Park community near Broome is unsafe for pregnant women and babies due to its high level of nitrate.

Community CEO Patricia Riley has been lobbying the State Government to fix the issue for 18 months, however nothing has been done.

Riley said the water “tastes like sewerage, makes people dehydrated, and has an odd smell which makes residents feel like they’re suffocating in the shower.”

Air pollution crisis in New Delhi

New Delhi’s air has reached a toxic concentration of 42 times what is considered safe.

New Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal called the city a “gas chamber”.

Yesterday US Embassy monitoring equipment recorded air particles are largely off the scale and well above what the US Environmental Protection agency considers hazardous.

New Delhi has been declared a “public health emergency state” by the Indian medical authority’s president Dr Krishnan Kumar Aggarwal, and as of this morning primary school are closed