Labor pledges $679 million towards the redevelopment of three hospitals and more Zedlines...

Labor has revealed $679 million is to be spent on the redevelopment of three south-east Queensland hospitals. (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

In Labor's biggest funding pledge yet, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced the funding would increase capacity at the Logan, Caboolture and Ipswich hospitals by more than 320 beds and provide a new $12.6 million maternity ward at the Logan Hospital.

The commitment includes $575.8 million over funding allocated in this year's budget.

Potential for new PCYC facilities in Brisbane suburbs

In the southern and riverside Brisbane suburbs, communities have been discussing the potential for one or
more PCYC facilities.

Sitting in between Inala and West End PCYCs, the area can be a better provider of indigenous services,
particularly with the co-operation of a community PCYC.

Communities across the southern and riverside suburbs are also looking for ways to be better involved with
sport and personal health care.

New research into mental health medication

New research reveals that 67% of those taking mental health medication believe improvements could be made to their treatment. Whilst 18% of the people who waited months for their medication to take effect, felt at risk.

The national research carried out by myDNA found that 50% of people have experienced a mental health issue in their lifetime, while 66% of people have opted to use medication to manage their mental health.

Surprisingly, 50% of people have needed to change their prescription multiple times and 21% still don’t believe they are on the right drug or dose to manage their mental health effectively.

CSIRO invests into its Future Science Platforms projects

CSIRO has announced the creation of two Future Science Platforms (FSP) by investing $27 million into its projects, which would see research into hydrogen and precision health increase.

The creation of a Hydrogen FSP will enable the development of technologies that allow Australia to export its solar energy, as well as providing low emissions energy solutions for Australians.

By creating a new FSP focused on Precision Health, the aim is to develop tailored health solutions that enable Australians to live healthier lives for longer.

Secret meetings with Israeli officials leads to a UK minister’s resignation.

A UK government minister has resigned after it was revealed she held secret meetings with Israeli officials.

Priti Patel met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other senior figures while on a private holiday with her family in August.

Ms Patel apologised on Monday, but was ordered to return from an official trip to Africa on Wednesday after further revelations came to light and has now resigned.

Thousands of endangered dead butterflies smuggled into China

Three people have been jailed in China after they were caught smuggling thousands of dead butterflies into the country.

Authorities discovered a haul of colourful butterflies in early 2016 when they opened packages that were supposed to contain clothing.

Almost half of the butterflies found are protected species under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.