Zimbabwean Vice-President flees country after death threats and more Zedlines...

The Zimbabwean Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa has fled the country after receiving death threats.

The former vice-president, who was sacked on Wednesday, was accused of trying to overthrow the current President Robert Mugabe and take control of the country.

The First Lady, Grace Mugabe is expected to take Mnangagwa’s position as Vice-President of Zimbabwe at a special congress of the ruling Zanu-PF party in December.



Fraser Coast rates bungle caused by ‘technical oversight’
A regional Queensland council that issued invalid rates over a three-year period claims it was caused by a “technical oversight”.

Brisbane Supreme Court Justice David Jackson found Fraser Coast Regional Council had failed to validly make and levy rates and charges for the past three financial years.

The ruling came about as a result of Linville Holdings challenging the rates and charges levied on land owned by the company.



Is Shakespeare heading to Brisbane?

Brisbane could be the first stop for travelling re-creation of Shakespeare's famous theatre.

Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls announced that if elected, the LNP government would attempt to secure a Globe Theatre for Brisbane as part of the arts and tourism package.

Nicholls says the tourism strategy will restore business confidence and attract investment to a $23 billion industry that sustains more than 220,000 jobs across the state.



Research shows link between overuse of antibiotic creams, ointments and ‘superbug’

Research has found that overuse of antibiotic creams and ointments may lead to the creation of a ‘superbug’.

Managing Director of AFT Pharmaceuticals Dr Hartley Atkinson said researchers have identified a link between the overuse of topical antibiotics among children, and the drug resistant strains of the common staphylococcus aureu (STEPH-LA-CO-CUS) (OR-I-US) infection.

He believes it is crucial for the pharmaceutical industry to work together with health professionals and consumers to reduce antibiotic use, especially on a topical level, on a global scale.



Coalition conservatives could foil Turnbull’s same sex marriage plan

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull plans to have same sex marriage legalised by the end of the year if the YES vote wins the same sex marriage survey.

However, more than a dozen coalition conservatives are close to finalising an alternative bill that has the potential to derail this plan.

Liberal member for Leichhardt in Queensland, Warren Entsch told AM from the United States the bill would have had more credibility if it had been done a year ago.



Sheep can recognise images of celebrities

Sheep have been trained to recognise the faces of celebrities by University of Cambridge scientists who hope it may help with understanding neurodegenerative diseases.

The group of celebrities the sheep were trained to recognise included actors Emma Watson and Jake Gyllenhaal, BBC newsreader Fiona Bruce and Former President of the United States, Barack Obama.

Scientists aim to use the sheep as models to understand disorders of the brain, such as Huntington's disease, that develop over a long time and affect cognitive abilities.