Meningococcal quad vaccine set to roll out in December

A meningococcal quad vaccine is set to replace the current C strain vaccine in the NT by December. Photo Source: Flickr.

The quad vaccine will inoculate against strains A, C, Y and W of the disease.

The change came after a young boy died from meningococcal strain B, but the quad vaccine doesn’t inoculate against that strain and may not until 2019.

The quad vaccine will roll out in other states and territories by mid-2018.

Murwillumbah group aims to make fresh fruit accessible

A Murwillumbah group is aiming to make fresh fruit more accessible by planting a trail of fruit trees throughout parks in the town.

Carmen Stewart from It Takes a Town said the group’s plans are about creating opportunities for the community on the Tweed coast, which was affected by floods in April.

Stewart said the trees on private land would overhang public pathways, allowing passers-by to pick without entering the owner's yard.

The group plans to plant about 50 fruit trees in both council parks and residential gardens, with about 30 residents already volunteering their yards.

LNP defends leaflet

The opposition party is defending a campaign leaflet claiming minority groups are undermining Australian values.

The leaflet was issued by Steve Minnikin in the South Brisbane seat of Chatsworth, and claims that minority groups want to ‘attack’ Australian values.

A spokesperson from the party said the leaflet is referring to activist groups on issues such as same sex marriage and immigration.

Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls defended the message, saying it referred to an exasperation at groups that questioned ‘traditional values’.

Less than 24 hours left for asylum seekers to vacate Manus Island

Asylum seekers on Manus Island have just one day left to leave the detention centre.

About 600 men are still on the site 10 days after it was officially closed, with many saying they will not leave due to concerns for their safety.

But PNG authorities warn force will be used on those refusing to leave voluntarily.

Authorities said the centre is unhygienic, and they can’t guarantee the safety of anyone still on the island.

Saudi Arabians ordered to leave Lebanon

According to Saudi Arabia’s state-run press agency, the country is ordering its citizens to evacuate Lebanon as soon as possible.

Kuwait, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates have also warned against travel to Lebanon due to unrest between the nations.

This comes after Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s resignation on Saturday while in Saudi Arabia.

Lebanese Government officials have accused the Saudi Arabian government of holding Mr Hariri captive in their capital city, Riyadh.