Biocontrol for Australian fauna employs South American bugs and more Zedlines

Biocontrol bugs from South America are battling the cat's claw creepers plants that smother natural Australian fauna.

Gympie Landcare biological technical officer, Yvonne Hennel, has stated using bugs is necessary because of the manpower, time and cost of maintaining the plants by hand.

Cat’s claw creepers have the potential to tear down trees and kill off vast areas of vegetation, posing a major threat to local flora and fauna.


Queensland One Nation Leader apologises over wording on safe schools program

Queensland One Nation leader, Steve Dickson, has apologised over his wording of the safe school’s sex education program.

Mr Dickson said the program was teaching inappropriate sex education to primary schools girls in the fourth grade.

Mr Dickson’s allegations against the program occurred as he promised to abolish the program if elected.


Tassal to not pump treated waste into Macquarie Harbour

Tassal has announced they will be paying TasWater to dispose of their pens’ treated wastewater, instead of pouring it back into the harbour.

Environment Minister Elise Archer is pleased with Tassal’s decision, after objecting to their former plan. 

Environment groups also welcomed the decision, however, there are still concerns over the antibiotic content of the wastewater and the possible presence of viruses.


Australia to deliver communications cable to PNG

The Federal Government has announced it will deliver an undersea high-speed telecommunications cable from Australia to Papua New Guinea.

The decision comes after concerns were raised over Chinese influence in the Pacific.

Jonathan Pryke, Director of the Pacific Islands Program at the Lowy Institute said the decision is a way for Australia to maintain its presence, and counter China’s growing influence.

The Government is also in discussions with the Solomon Islands about the prospect of implementing a similar cable.  


First boat made completely from recycled materials in Kenya

Kenyan recycling activists are making the first ‘dhow’, a traditional sailing boat, from completely recycled materials.

The 60-foot long boat is being made from 200,000 thongs and 45 tonnes of plastic waste collected from the ocean.

After it has been completed, it will sail to South Africa from Kenya to create awareness about the water pollution created by plastic discarded into the ocean.


Indonesians rush to save beached whales

Indonesian officials, fishermen and residents are working together in a race to save 11 sperm whales beached in Sumatra.

Rescue proves difficult as locals are without sophisticated equipment or boats, and each whale can weigh up to 57 tonnes.

So far six have been saved by waiting for high tide and using ropes to pull them into deeper water, and two of the remaining whales have been injured by rescue attempts.