Same-sex marriage postal survey results to be announced

Yes vote, is on track to win the same-sex marriage vote today(Image:wiki).

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull expects the yes vote to triumph when the results are announced this morning.

The announcement will be made by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in Canberra at 10 am Australian Eastern standard time and 9 am Brisbane time.

Electronic Database to Reveal Political Donations

Details of donations to political parties will be revealed to voters via a new real-time electronic disclosure system.

According to the Electoral Commission of Queensland, nearly $1 million has already been donated to political parties ahead of the upcoming state election.

Donations must now be revealed within seven business days, a move which Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says will increase transparency.

Doug Stubbs wins case against Federal Government for disability pension

Brisbane amputee, Doug Stubbs has won a 2 year battle for a disability pension with the Federal Government after being told the loss of his arm and brain injury were a moderate impairment.

Mr Stubbs was told to simply get a job after he suffered injuries from crashing his motorbike into a truck in 2015.

The Department of Human Services agreed Mr Stubbs had permanent conditions but believed he could get a job where he used his remaining hand to perform activities.

His story sparked outrage from the public and legal firm Maurice Blackburn represented him through the appeals for no fee, after numerous applications and appeals, Mr Stubbs was granted a Disability Support Pension.

Power Tracking app named the “way of the future”
A power tracking app is making headlines, as Western Australia’s Energy Minister says it’s the “way of the future.”

The MyPower pricing plan enables users to track their power consumption and pay their bills online.

It’s set to roll out in northern Western Australia, with further plans for it to be implemented in Southern Australia.

Energy Minister Ben Wyatt says the app will help users in Western Australia to have more control over their power bills.

Earthquake survivors in Iran complain about slow relief effort
A weekend earthquake in Western Iran has exposed survivors to extreme weather conditions and left them begging for food and shelter as many say it's taking too long for aid to reach them.

Iranian officials have ceased rescue operations on the grounds of there being little chance of finding survivors from the quake, which killed 530 people and injured over 8,000 people.

This marks Iran's largest earthquake in over a decade and the deadliest earthquake on record for 2017.

Zimbabwe president accuses military leader of treason

Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe has accused the head of the military of treason as armed vehicles rolled towards the capital as a result of a succession dispute

This comes a week after the President's decision to dismiss vice President Emerson Mnangagwa who had been seen as the successor to the Presidency

Mr Mnangagwa, was popular with the Zimbabwean military due to his role in the liberation wars during the 1970's.

Top military figures believe that MrMnangagwa's dismissal is a ploy by Mr. Magube so he can hand power to his wife Grace Magube.