Senator Dean Smith initiates same-sex debate in Parliament and more Zedlines

West Australian Liberal Senator Dean Smith has delivered an emotional second-reading speech in parliament this morning. Image source: Wikipedia Commons/JJ Harrison

Senator Smith’s address is the first to accompany his bill to the floor of Parliament that seeks to legislate yesterday’s Yes vote on the marriage equality postal survey.

Debate continues as Labor Senator Penny Wong and Greens Senator Janet Rice also speak to the Senate in favour of the bill.

Man finds enormous gold nugget in North Queensland

A lucky Townsville man has found a huge nugget of gold buried in the Queensland bush.

The prospector found the gold nugget in a field, in the Charters Towers region and its value is said to be over $63,000.

The prospector is now negotiating to sell the nugget privately and has declined to identify the exact location where the nugget was found.

Queensland MPs sledge each other on social media

Queensland is less than two weeks away from electing its next premier, and while the MPs might be reasonably civil to each other on camera, on social media the gloves have well and truly come off.

No one has been spared from the social media sparring, with the State’s politicians resorting to calling each other “trolls” and “snookums”.

Griffith University political analyst Dr Tracey Arklay said things are getting too personal and that in the long run, politicians are doing themselves a disservice.

Clean Up Australia founder not a fan of Ferry McFerryFace

Environmentalist and Clean Up Australia founder, Ian Kiernan is disappointed over the naming of new harbour ferries in Sydney.

Five of the ferries have been named after notable Australians while the last has been named Ferry McFerryFace through public suggestions and a four-person panel selection process.

Mr Kiernan was among the nominees initially listed for the naming and was told his name would be on a ferry.

Former Fifa official commits suicide hours after bribery accusations

Jorge Delhon a lawyer who worked for Argentina’s Football for All, was accused of accepting an annual amount of $500,000 in bribes from 2011 to 2014.

Mr Delhon committed suicide just hours after he was accused of taking bribes by Alejandro Burzaco, an influential former sports marketing executive, who has already pleaded guilty to corruption charges himself.

Mr Burzaco has been assisting US authorities in the sprawling investigation into Fifa.

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