Teachers to get 'back to basics' and more headlines.

All new teachers in Queensland will undergo basic testing themselves before they are allowed to hit the classroom. (Sourced Pixabay)

As part of the LNP’s election plan, teachers in waiting would undergo literacy and numeracy testing before being given a class of their own.

The plan also includes adding 1,000 new teacher mentors and 80 new paid internships to get more into the high-demand areas like special education, maths, and science.

LNP vows to tackle 'young thugs' with new detention centers

Two new youth detention centers would be built in Queensland under an LNP government.

The "medium security" centers would hold 17 to 25-year-olds at a cost of $40 million.

Tim Nicholls said the two new facilities would be in addition to the Cleveland Youth Detention Centre in Townsville and the Brisbane Youth Detention Centre, adding a further 90 beds.

Move to expunge Vic kids' care convictions.

The Victorian parliament has passed a Greens motion to start the process to expunge criminal convictions given to children in state care before 1991.

Up until 1991 children placed in state care were charged with being in need of protection, which then appeared on police criminal history records.

As many as tens of thousands of Victorian children who ended up with criminal records by being placed in state care may finally have their convictions expunged.

Independent operators filling 'void' as banks cut back

The days of the automatic teller’s machines could be limited. Recent reports show card transactions have overtaken cash for the first time in 2016.

ANZ, NAB and Westpac are discussing to share ATM's.

Non-bank ATM's believe they will benefit from shared machine agreements.

Brisbane based atm2go operators Andrew and Jenny Marsh are looking to install their own atm2go cash machines where big bank ATM's will be removed.

Big bitcoin reward offered for missing world record-winning cats

Two record-winning cats are missing and feared dead after a fire broke out in their U.S home.

The owners are offering 100, 000 US dollars’ worth of bitcoin or 25, 000 US dollars for each cat returned alive.

The cats were judged a few months ago and will appear in the 2018 Guinness World of Records.

World Leaders Meet at Bonn Climate Change Conference

World leaders and their delegates have entered the final two days of the Bonn Climate Change Conference that seeks to put the landmark 2015 Paris Agreement into action.
German Chancellor, Angella Merkel spoke to the summit yesterday, stating that climate change will the one issue that determines humanity’s destiny.

French President Emmanuel Macron received a vocal applause when he announced that the French Government and its European partners would make up the funding gap for the UN’s climate science panel left by the US’s recent withdrawal from the Paris climate accords.