Calls for indigenous voices in parliament and more Zedlines

Politician Linda Burney has spoken out against a decision by Malcolm Turnbull to axe the idea of an indigenous voice in parliament. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

In October, proponents pushed for an advisory role for an indigenous representative in parliament, which Malcolm Turnbull dismissed, claiming it was unequal for the indigenous to have a direct say.


Linda Burney spoke to ABC radio on Sunday morning, saying she was appalled with the Turnbull government and their definition of equality.


Protests in support for sentenced activists in Brisbane 

A protest is taking place today at 10:30am outside the Brisbane federal court in support of activists sentenced for trespassing on the Australian/American research facility of Pine Gap.


The protesters were arrested inside the controversial facility and are facing up to seven years prison time.


Pine Gap is partly run by America’s CIA and NSA, and is a key contributor in their international surveillance program.



Rumours of a demerger dispelled

Leadership of The Liberal National Party in Queensland has shut down rumours of a demerger between the Liberal and National parties.


Last week, former Queensland National members blamed the merging of the two parties as the reason why rural voters have turned towards One Nation.


President of LNP Queensland, Gary Spence, says there is no discussion of a demerger, and anyone who is, is simply causing mischief.



Disability services struggle following NDIS scheme

Disability service providers are struggling to keep up with growing demand and increased costs under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.


Sector reports show the speed of the rollout is affecting service quality, with 73% of service providers seeing an increase in demand for their services in the past 12 months.


National Disability Services has warned before that organisations were faced with shutting down regional services due to an inadequate price structure set by the NDIS.



Iran welcomes Port of Chabahar

Iran has launched one of its major post-nuclear deal projects, with the inauguration of the port of Chabahar.


The port’s development was accelerated after the country’s capital signed a nuclear pact with Washington and five other major powers back in 2015.


The inauguration comes just days before the US Congress’ expected decision on whether Washington will pull out of the landmark international accord.



Afghan president apologises after sexist comment

The Afghan president has apologised to women for remarks he made about traditional headscarves.


Ashraf Ghani responded to claims about government officials having links to Islamic State, saying people should provide evidence or wear a woman’s headscarf.


Mr Ghani has now apologised, after the comment provoked backlash from people who viewed it as sexist.