Curfew imposed by Honduras government and more Zedlines

A delay in the release of election results has lead to a ten day curfew imposed by the Honduras government. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Protests  erupted in the capital of Tegucigalpa after President Juan Orlando Hernandez pulled ahead in the polls, indicating possible re-election.  


Reports claim that two people have been killed so far, with tear gas and live rounds being fired amongst protestors.



Federal election results face further delay 

Results for Queensland election are still undecided, with only 8 seats being officially called by the electoral commision.


The ABC is predicting that Labor will win 47 seats, giving them the minimum necessary for a majority.


Officials are saying another week is needed, and the race is tight enough to require all postal and declaration votes to be returned and counted.



Young Australians face risk of long-term unemployment

A new report published today by The Brotherhood of Saint Lawrence says one in five australian youth face long term unemployment.


According to anti-poverty organisation, around fifty thousand aussies aged from fifteen to twenty four have been out of work for a year or more.


The report also expresses concern over lowered centrelink payments, saying that the level of funding means youth are unable to afford transport or appropriate clothing for job interviews.



Traditional owners file injunction against Adani

Traditional owners opposed to the Adani Coalmine have filed an injunction to prevent Indigenous land being handed over.


The injunction will attempt to prevent the native title tribunal from approving the Ilua [EYE-LOO-AH] land on the basis of an agreement from some traditional owners.


The federal court will decide who has authority to act over the land early next year.



Reports show Australia isn't dominated by big businesses

A new report The Grattan Insitute is opposing claims that Australia is dominated by large corporations abusing their market powers.


The report by the independent think tank shows only 15% of the economy is dominated by large firms.


Supermarkets and telecommunication holding the largest monopolies.



United States pulls out of international migration and refugee pact

The United States has withdrawn from an international pact aimed at improving global migration and refugee issues.


The declaration calls for negotiations on a Global Compact for Migration, and aims to protect the rights of refugees and migrants.


US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, says the declaration's "approach is simply not compatible with US sovereignty" and the US will instead define its own migration plan.