Migrant workers forced out of Beijing

The Chinese government have begun forcing migrant workers out of the capital city Beijing. Image source: Flikr/Matt Ming

The government says the move is due to safety concerns after deaths in migrant settlements, however migrants say it is to reduce the population size.


Last year the Chinese government announced their plan to cap the population of Beijing to 23 million cutting the numbers of six main districts by 15%.


Queensland's first communications cable on the Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine coast has called for expressions of interest from the private sector in building a new one billion dollar communications cable.


Many businesses have already expressed interest in the proposal, with the government stating the project could boost the economy, lower internet costs and create nearly a thousand jobs.


The telecommunications line would be the sixth in Australia and the first in Queensland.



Volunteers wanted just in time for Christmas 

Ipswich Meals on wheel is putting out a call for volunteers in the lead up to the Christmas season.


The not for profit is the oldest one of it’s kind in Queensland, and provides in excess of 600 meals a week to those in need.


Those looking to volunteer are urged to contact the organisation; details can be found online.



Fears for the safety of workers in the agricultural industry

New data has revealed the risks of working in agriculture, with more workers dying in the industry than in construction and mining combined.


SafeWork Australia says agricultural, fishing and forestry industries come second to transport when measuring industry death rates in Australia.


Bowmans farmer, Paul Daniel, says "if we are not concerned about the rate that we kill people there is something very wrong with this industry".



Consumers unhappy with rising telecommunication costs

There are calls for telecommunication companies to be regulated the same way as the water and energy industry.


A letter from consumer advocates to Communications Minister, Mitch Fifield, says Telecommunications Consumer Protection code is industry-dominated and lacks independence.


The code governs the way the providers advertise, sell, and handle complaints and debt, but consumer groups say the Government needs to better regulate the sector.



Protests clash with police in Germany 

Protesters have clashed with police outside the first conference of the far-right, Alternative for Germany political party.


Police in Hannover used water cannons, batons and pepper spray to clear a path for the 600 party delegates to enter the conference.


Five demonstrations were held across the city with several demonstrators and police being injured.