Adani referred to ACCC and more Zedlines

Indian mining company Adani has been referred to Australia’s consumer watchdog for allegedly misleading job-seekers via ‘inflated’ claims its coal mine will create 10,000 jobs.(Photo: WikiMedia)

Environmental Justice Australia have called on the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) to investigate Adani for encouraging vulnerable jobseekers to spend thousands of dollars on training for ‘jobs that will never exist’.

Adani were previously found by the state Land Court to have ‘significantly overstated’ its job figures in court and to the Queensland government.

Mother cancels christmas… for now
One Queensland mother is planning to cancel Christmas for her misbehaving children if the three youngsters don’t change their attitude within the next week

The mother has wrapped the family tree and presents in cling wrap much to the disgust of parenting experts.

Michael Carr Gregg said that while he is in 100 per cent agreeance with the principle of consequences for bad behaviour, Santa should not be brought into the equation.

Attendance in rural areas dropping
Attendance at school is getting worse for students who live in rural areas of the country.

The latest report from the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority found more than half of Indigenous students miss at least ten per cent of the school year.

John Halsey, who is currently reviewing the state of education in regional areas states that taxpayer funds had been misdirected.

He continues by stating there are issues outside the school gate including mental health, nutrition as well as hearing and visual defects which need to be addressed

Delays in release of climate change data by federal government
The Climate Council are calling on the Federal Government to publish details of Australia’s greenhouse gas pollution data as soon as possible, saying they have failed to provide an update for the last 6 months.

CEO Amanda McKenzie says the government’s last quarterly report was released in March and indicated a 1.6 percent rise in pollution levels.

She also says there have been consistent delays in the release of vital emissions data by the Department of the Environment and Energy and transparency of data is vital to keeping politicians accountable on climate progress.

EU Blacklist for Tax Havens released
The European Union has released its blacklist of tax havens with nations including St. Lucia, Barbados and South Korea named.

A list of an additional 47 countries promising changes to their tax rules to meet EU standards was also published with Switzerland, Hong Kong and Jersey among the forty seven

These lists follow the Panama and Paradise Papers which revealed companies and individuals who had used offshore accounts to hide wealth from tax authorities

The blacklist represents substantial progress but remains an insufficient response to tax evasion according to the EU’s tax commissioner Pierre Moscovici.

Habitat destruction leaves Sumatran tigers on brink of extinction
Scientists estimate there are only 2 viable populations of Sumatran tigers left in the wild due to habitat destruction from road building and palm oil plantations.

Dr Matthew Luskin, from the University of California, explained Sumatran tigers have dispersed into smaller isolated, groups, which threatens population survival and puts them at greater risk of extinction.

The researchers believe there were only 618 of the critically endangered tigers remaining as of 2012, down 16 percent from numbers in 2000.

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