West Bank, Gaza Strip protests erupt into violence and more zedlines

Protests against President Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel have turned violent in the Palestinian populated areas of West Bank and Gaza.

 Israeli forces have reportedly used water canons, tear gas, rubber bullets and live fire to control the protesters. 

The demonstrators, however, are mostly armed with rocks. 

At least thirty-one people have been injured by Israeli troops so far.


Annual water bills could rise by $80 for some Queensland residents

South-East Queensland annual water bills could rise by up to eighty dollars within three years following recommendations to the State Government by the Queensland Competition Authority.

Under the proposal two options were recommended: first, the bulk water price would be reset in 2018, or second, the price would be gradually increased over a three year period from 2018 to 2021.

The recommendations aim to achieve a common bulk water price across all local councils in Queensland by 2021.


Cape York man ordered to repay $370 000 in mining royalties

A Cape York man who made a multi-million dollar deal behind the backs of other traditional owners, siphoned off more than two-hundred-and-fifty-thousand dollars for his own use, a court has found.

Ankamuthi man, Larry Woosup, has been ordered to pay back the cash he pocketed. Details of the deal was kept secret from the other seventy-five traditional owners involved in the deal.

Justice Greenwood said mining company Gulf Alumina had paid an advance of more than three-hundred-and-seventy-one-thousand dollars, but none of it was paid to the Ankamuthi people.


Sydney Uniting Church bombarded with same-sex wedding requests

With Australia’s recent legalization of same-sex marriage bill, The Paddington Uniting Church in Sydney has been bombarded with requests from same-sex couples to marry in the church.

Resident minister Ben Gilmore said the movement is affirmative and confirms that there could be peace between religion and gay couples.

Mr Gilmore said having the right to marry is important for everyone, as our gender and sexuality are core to our spirituality.


NDIS as the possible cause of falling volunteer disability caretaker numbers

A recent survey of service providers suggests that there may be around thirty-thousand volunteers to assist people with disabilities, not enough to meet the demand of supply.

Interchange executive officer Kerry Uren says she suspects it may be because of the National Disability Insurance scheme, where the community believes all people with disabilities are fully supported.

For Sarah Chapman, she has been waiting for three years for a volunteer to help care for her six year old daughter who is physically and intellectually disabled.

She is worried that with so much time taken up caring for her daughter, spending time with her two other children is missed.


Wikileaks being investigated for possible US election meddling

Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange are under multiple US investigations, including three Congressional probes and a federal criminal inquiry, according to sources familiar to the investigation.

Wikileaks published emails stolen from the Democratic Party in the 2016 presidential campaign.

The CIA, National Security Agency and the FBI confirmed in a January report, Russian intelligence did the hacking and sent the stolen emails to Wikileaks.

It is not known whether Robert Mueller, the Justice Department Special Council, is also investigating the organization.