07 April 2015

06 April 2015


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28 August 2012

  • Activists rally to mark eleventh anniversary of the Tampa affair

    On Sunday activists gathered at Brisbane square to mark the eleventh anniversary of the Tampa affair and voice their opposition to the Federal Government's new asylum seeker policy with its "no advantage test".

  • Scrapping of Tenant services put more pressure on RTA

    On the 24th of July, Tenants Union of Queensland and 23 other unions received a fax from the Government saying the Tenant advice and advocacy service or TAAS will not be funded on the 31st of October. The money instead will be used to build more social housing.

25 August 2012

  • Asylum seeker policy in the aftermath of Tampa

    Pamela Curr spoke to Steven Riggall for Paradigm Shift's latest theme show on the perception of asylum seekers in Australia and the changing laws in regard to them since the Tampa incident 11 years ago.

23 August 2012

21 August 2012

  • UQ Union President responds to allegations

    Controversy has erupted around the University of Queensland student union elections, which begin on Monday.

  • Video counselling for rural sufferers

    Recently, Mensline Australia launched a video counselling service to work in tandem with their phone services. The program utilises Skype in the hopes that men living in rural areas can now have face-to-face contact that they can't normally access in their home towns.

  • Brisbane's flying foxes starve as food runs out

    The RSPCA and Bat Conservation & Rescue QLD have teamed up to get the message out that our flying fox population is starving due to a food shortage.