03 April 2015

02 April 2015


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09 August 2012

07 August 2012

  • Action Against Coal in N.S.W

    The front line against resource extraction is being established in many places around the world as energy becomes more scarce and companies are going to greater lengths to access it.

    One such place is the Leard State Forest near Boggabri in N.S.W. where an activist...

  • Homelessness Legislation isn't benefitting and needs to be changed says PIAC

    The Federal Minister for Housing and Minster for Homelessness, Brendan O'Connor released the draft homelessness legislation last month and called for comments by the 3rd of August 2012.

  • State Government cuts funding to Boystown

    The State Government has cut $45 million dollars in grants towards job seeking services. The cut has affected numerous charities and programs across Queensland, including organisation Boystown.

  • WSPA Stands Up Against Live Export

    On the 24th of July hundreds of protesters gathered in St Martin’s Place in Sydney to mark the beginning of a nation-wide campaign to halt the live export trade.

  • Red Cross campaign to eliminate nuclear weapons

    Yesterday marked almost seven decades since the atomic destruction of Hiroshima, with the Australian Red Cross now calling on people everywhere to bring an end to the nuclear weapons age.

    “Right now there are at least 20,000 nuclear weapons in existence worldwide,...

06 August 2012

02 August 2012

  • IPROWD Indigenous Placement in the Police Force

    The Australian government announced this week that an additional $2.4 million will be invested in the Indigenous Police Recruitment Our Way Delivery pre-employment program or IPROWD, which gives Indigenous Australians an opportunity to join the police force. Minister for...

31 July 2012