4ZZZ Presents The Dead Of Winter Festival 2017!

The Dead Of Winter Festival Is Back!!

4ZZZ presents The Dead Of Winter Festival, 50 bands on 5 stages, sideshows, freakshows, markets & food trucks.


The lineup; The Bennies, The Meanies, The Porkers, Dallas Frasca, Hollow, Whoretopsy, Night Gaunts, Truth Corroded, Giants Of Science, As Paradise Falls, She Cries Wolf, Flangipanis, Darkcell, Hollow World, Black Rheno, Chronolyth, Sabrina Lawrie & The Hunting Party, Rival Fire, Transvaal Diamond Syndicate, Blind Man Death Stare, Hadal Maw, Tai Sui, Arteries, Some Jerks, In Death, (Fat), La Bastard, Smoking Martha, Red Bee, The Royal Artillery, Hobo Magic, Walken, The Black Swamp, Tesla Cøils, Valhalore, The Cutaways, Holistic, Elko Fields, Friends With The Enemy, Swamp Gully Howlers, Being Jane Lane, MAMMöTH, Deraign, The Gutter Birds, Hot Wings, Fire Away!, A.M.P., The_Molotov and Freakshow Nightmare.


Sideshows: The Dagger and Heart Sideshow, Lillian Lace and Lilith Revere.

On Saturday July 29 at the Jubilee Hotel, Tickets are moving fast, grab em at oztix.com.au!

Sat, Jul 29, 2017 - 1:00pm