No Brow art show speaks with New Waver

Original Airdate: August 24, 2014

New Waver is a long running project of a former Brisbane, and now Melbourne based musician, engineer and satirist - who recorded parody covers of several much loved pop tracks, using familiar hooks and phrases to comment on his self-perceived failings in his middle-class, salary-savvy, white collar worker lifestyle. Some of his greatest hits include the reworking of Depeche Mode’s ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ - in ‘Just can’t get it up’ - Jimmy Barnes ‘Working Class Man’ in ‘Middle Class Man’ - and most recently ‘We Built This City on RockNRoll’ - in ‘We Built This Suburb on Indie Rock’, which sings of Fitzroy’s gentrification. We’ll be hearing a couple of these hits later on, but first we’ll hear from New Waver, who these days lives life almost exclusively as a Facebook presence. More than choosing a simple, boxed-up lifestyle where Saturday nights are spent in bed with Youtube and boxes of tissues - New Waver advocates for the complete deferral of life onto Facebook. Why not cut out the middle man? New Waver asks. Instead of making a Facebook event for an actual event, why not hold the party on Facebook? He did exactly that last month, and the results were curious.

He is presenting 'The King of PPT' at this year's Liquid Architecture.

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