Ozone Zed Digital interview with local filmmaker Michael Laverty

                                 MICHAEL LAVERTY

                           INDEPENDENT FILMMAKER

"I have dedicated myself to the film industry for several years now, balancing my own passion projects while collaborating with other filmmakers.

This includes Writing, Producing and Directing my first independent feature film Mute, which allowed me to be a VIP at the Gold Coast Film Festival in 2010.

The variety of roles I take on has allowed me to gain a wealth of experience and build my skills in all areas of filmmaking.

My aim is to continue being passionate, professional and versatile in every project I pursue."





Born Again: https://www.facebook.com/Born-Again-short-film-1745881845652514/

Nightfall: https://www.facebook.com/Nightfall-Short-Film-1843287755903312/

Bump in the Road: https://www.facebook.com/Bump-in-the-Road-Short-Film-1754358384833924/