Queer Radio interview with physical trainer Shai Lewis

Queer Radio's Sharon Mulheron, Blair Martin and Jonathan Waters speak with Shai Lewis about beating the sugar craving cycle.

5 Essential Tricks To Break The Sugar Craving Cycle!
* Avoid Processed Foods (Processed foods will have either added sugar, natural sweetener or chemical sweeteners – either way – sugar is sugar!
* Boost your serotonin levels - extra potassium can help with this
* Drink Plenty Of Water – A lot of the time your body tells you that you think you want sugar when really you are dehydrated
* Keep Your Blood Sugar Stable – This is important between 11 and 2 when you want to snack. Ideally with animal proteins and even better – foods made up mainly of grains with buckwheat and Quinoa.
* Eat Plenty Of Greens (this will increase your energy levels)

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http://bodybyshai.com/shai-gets-physical/ (the naked cake link can be found here)