Queer Radio - Jamie Forster (LNP) McConnel, Qld Election 2017

The Queensland State Election is being held on Saturday, November 25. As is customary, Queer Radio invites the candidates for the inner Brisbane electoral division where 4ZZZ is located in for a chat and questions about their policies, vision and actions should they be elected. The old division of Brisbane Central has been renamed McConnel and covers roughly the same terrritory, and is the area with the highest number of diverse in gender and sexuality community voters. 


Jamie Forster is standing for the Liberal National Party (LNP).


One major area covered in the conversation was the current government's introduction of ID scanners for pubs and clubs.

The LNP opposed this innovation:
(from the LNP campaign website - https://www.betterqueensland.org.au/jamie-forster)

  • LNP would close dangerous loophole in Annastacia Palaszczuk’s botched ID scanner laws
  • LNP would standardise scanning laws to ensure all clubs begin scanning at midnight
  • LNP change would ensure patrons scanned and turned away at one venue cannot simply walk across the road and gain entry to another venue that escapes Labor’s laws

To vote LNP in McConnel, vote 1 Jamie Forster and then number every square in the order of your preference.