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The Music
When tuning into 102.1fm you will hear many musical genres including rock, hip hop, indie, dancehall, punk, dub, reggae, noise, electronica, ska and drum & bass.

4ZZZ is unique in that we don't use playlists to control what music hits the airwaves.

When announcing, station volunteers select all of the music you hear.

Announcers' are however required to meet certain quotas to ensure adequate representation is given to local, new and Australian music and music with female content.

Most of the music played on 4ZZZ comes from our huge music library which is constantly expanding with new music (predominantly local and Australian) being added every week.

Everyday our subscribers are given the chance to win great prizes, another way we give back to our community.

The Programming structure of 4ZZZ can be divided two ways; "strip" and "block" shows.

Strip shifts cater for a wide variety of musical tastes and interests. You will hear strip shifts between 6am & 6 pm weekdays and at various times during the weekend.

The strip programs on 4ZZZ include such shows as, A Burst of Brisbane for Breakfast, The Amplifier, Boogie Board, Girls Can Tell, Unnecessary Knowledge, this!, Greener Pastures, The Brown Couch, Cheap Thrillzzz, Brighten The Corners, Music Industry A-ZZZ, Alphabet Soup and several more.

Block shifts represent one particular musical genre or interest group.

The block programs 4ZZZ feature include: Subversion #1312, The Jazz Show, Locked In (Prisoners' Show), Nothin But The Blues, The Rock 'n Roll Show, The Punk Show, Eco Radio, Queer Radio, Dykes on Mykes, SkaTrek, Zedgames, Film Club, The New Zealand Show, The Youth Show, Electric Crush, Dark Essence, The Yard, Brisbane Line, World Beat, Megaherzzz plus more!

Check out our program guide or simply tune in to 102.1fm to find out why there's no other station like this in all the world.



ZED Digital is an independent music and culture channel aimed at the tech savvy and those with a passion for non-mainstream music and culture.

4ZZZ has always prided itself on eclectic music broadcasting, cutting edge coverage of current affairs and pop culture. ZED Digital's primary focus is on keeping these things fresh and progressive.

The on-air sound is a composite of the music ‘we love’ - Australian independent musicians and artists (established and emerging) who might not be represented on other South East Queensland radio stations.

The ZED Digital objective is to provide a radio service that offers a distinct and captivating new sound.

The channel focuses on creating content that allows our local community to further develop skills in an independent media organisation using new media platforms. An emphasis will be placed on training volunteers with skills related to broadcasting, such as on-air announcing and pre and post program production and packaging.

ZED Digital gives voice to Australian counter-culture and our strong independent music scene.

Checkout the Zed Digital program guide -